What is considered the easiest magic to perform for someone that has little to no experience? And that does not require tools and items that you otherwise would have to buy in order to perform it.

And also how to do it with as much detail possible?

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Thank you :blush:

manifestation process:

First you have a desire, a spark, a passion to do/have something, and it is nameless and formless yet.

then, your mind automatically begins to assign it an emotion, making it have a sort of form.

Then, YOU must think the right thoughts consciously, and arrange the best mental environment to have this thing/opportunity. This is where the magick consciously happens, and it’s based around you giving it form with your thoughts. The thoughts you think arrange your life, think the right thoughts for you at all times. Tell yourself what you’re capable of, what you are in possession of, the friends or family you have/want. Just think correctly. This involves making sure you understand your thoughts enough to know that you control them. Once you master the mind, this step becomes effortless, and miraculous. So focus on this, chiefly. Then,

you reach manifesation, the physical embodiment of your desire.

The first is a spark, formless and raw

the second is a liquid, in nature, as it is formed but still without organization and form on a solid level,

then the third is your thought, you have control over this, and it arranges them all for the last one

the fourth one is manifestation, the physical world, and it is there once the mental and emotional aligns

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The last days I resumed considerations slightly connected: a modern magick could favour up to date, compact, sober equipment (e.g. more frequent use of tealights, or even led candles; although the latters wouldn’t flicker at important moments).
About instead a largely or complete mental magick, here are other examples: you may begin spells on people by doing a minor evocation of someone just repeating the name and surname, perhaps while also visualizing the look, recalling the voice etc.
For a spirit, look some minutes at corresponding sigil and once again repeat the name, normally or vibrated. Invoke the element of Earth by thinking of woods, mines, farmlands and visualizing green energy flowing from north-west; or visualize Mars above the sky and visualize its red energy descending towards you… Some possibilities.

Thank you guys for your replies

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