Magic to lower my inhibation and anxiety?

I suffer from very high inhibation and anxiety,to the point I often can’t look people in the eye,and it just gets worse from day to day,but my parents refuse to take me to a psychiatrist and get medical help,even though my therapist told them to. Could magic help me out?

Yes, magick can help.

I would pick up a copy of Jason Miller’s book Sorcerer’s Secrets, and perform his Invocation of the Perfected Self daily.


Why are your parents refusing to take you to a psychiatrist?

Jason Miller also has a book Protection and Reversal Magick which talks about shells/shields for anxiety. It’s like $12 for the ebook version.

I would also suggest meditation and breathing exercises. I have anxiety and PTSD and use breathing exercises to calm myself down when I get amped up. Eventually, with enough practice, you do them without having to think about it as you start to notice your anxiety levels start to rise.

A psychiatrist will just drug the problem.If your in adolescence, things like ridalin will damage your brain as it is still developing until ur in ur 20s…I recommend a therapist, or cognitive behavioral therapy, or …THC (no comment here, disclaimer against doing anything considered illegal in one’s state of origin, country, etc, do not condone the use of illicit substances by minors…) …

Psychiatrists will fuck u up before ur old enough to drink…leave them out of the equation

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Didn’t @anon39079500 and i recommend nlp( neuro-linguistic programming) or hypnotherapist to you in another thread? did you check it out? This must be dejavu moment . lol must be another person with same issue as they too can’t look in the eyes of another having social anxiety or fear/phobia.

Some magick is a form of hypnosis.

ditto @anon64752597 no drug from psychotherapist. lol erhh i meant psychologist. They can mess you up for life when your a young one.


Mantras can help. I am a nerd and use the “Fear is the mindkiller” quote from Dune.

NLP - yes! I’ve used smaller versions of it WITH professional therapy with exceptional results. Mostly the therapy and using NLP to supplement (which I still do a version of today).

With both childhood and war PTSD, I needed all the help I could get :slight_smile: It paid off in spades.

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Lay flat on the floor, carpeted if you can - no pillow. Relax your feet then move up your legs. By the time you get to your knees your feet will probably need re-doing, so start again. The aim is to get to the top of your head - all of your body totally relaxed. Each time you relax something, release a sign like everyone you know is dead and you have no material possessions, etc. A real deep sign!

Start with ten minute sessions. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you fall asleep in less than ten minutes. You can use a sigh in tense situations and your body will instantly relax. Great for inducing sleep as well. Been there and done that. This is the first purpose of Israel Regardie’s The Lazy Man’s Guide to Relaxation. And with practice it will have other effects, but you tell us.


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You should try working daily with Naamah and Lilith and starting with Qliphothic workings, demons like and need Sex magick so it should soon be no problem.