Magic to help ease anxiety

Hi guys and girls. As a disclaimer, ive already done some searching, but i wanna get more suggestions. I deal with a lot of anxiety. This is going to sound weird, but its constant anxiety about death. Not of my own, but of people i love. This is something i think about every day. I dont see death as simply “the end” but a transition. But what im always scared of is death coming abruptly. You know, like how you can be the healthiest and happiest person yet a freak accident could happen or something and you die. Also today something really fueled that anxiety more, which was witnessing my dad’s van roll backwards down a steep hill swiftly and almost going over him. He tried to stop it but couldnt and at the last moment he got dragged down with it till it stopped by hitting a tree. The last part i couldnt see and i seriously thought he was dead, and i ran over there and he was laid out beside a tire. He’s okay, just some scrapes and stuff. But even that situation gives me a lot of guilt because i think about how recently i havent been able to spend that much time with him, and easily that moment i could have lost him from this world. I get tears in my eyes thinking back to it all. It was really traumatic.

Just that experience alone i know spiked up anxiety even more in me. I know magic cant solve EVERYTHING, and that this is a type of thing i have to work on in a mental level, but is there any magic i can do to assist with this? Any suggestions?

And thank you

This fear is a poison, but normal.

Take a jar and spill your fears into it. Fill the jar with water and put your fears into it. I want you to keep this somewhere hidden and everytime you begin to fear for them, fill it in this jar.

When a week has passed, you will pick up the jar, and feel firsthand the poison you subject yourself to.

Empty the jar down the drain, cleanse it,and make a new jar. This jar will hold all of your positive feelings of assuredness. Of joy. Will it with water and leave it out on the counter.

This jar, by your intent, will reflect and build up all of this joy and assuredness.

After a week, feel how much this is. It should be good, but not ideal.

You will treat your body as a jar, and set the intent to transmute what is in you, like a jar, into something else. You will impose this vibration over it until completely satisfied

You are your own jar, attend to yourself.


Love this. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I use if it’s a really bad feeling, “invert polarity of feeling” and click or snap fingers. Or use change “name feeling” to love or convert “name feeling” to love, clicking or snapping fingers. Ie use your spell activator. Either of these techniques are useful for me.