Magic to discover enemies

Is there any magic technique, spell, a ritual to discover your enemies. To find out exactly who is harming you? Also are there any ways to know you’re cursed, how can you tell exactly if one is cursed


Pick up a copy of Jason Miller’s book Protection and Reversal Magick. He goes into the signs of a curse in depth.

Yes, there are plenty of spells for discovering unknown enemies. There are plenty of spirits you could call upon as well as some basic protection spells that will seek out and reveal your enemies.


@DarkestKnight I would be very grateful if you could tell me some of those spells or lead me to them. I have been attacked ruthlessly for about 2 years, My whole life has been turned upside down, My family everyone in my life is affected. I highly suspect someone is using magick as I found weird signs and amulets in my home. If I could somehow discover whose doing this, I can put an end to this misery once and for all.

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I have done divination of different sorts for myself.
Runes and tarot described the situation pretty interestingly.
Using a pendulum and a dice it said it was the guy I thought, but that there were others,
but that the others were much more along the lines of being very accidental.
I probably don’t need any divination to know, I mean it would and should be pretty obvious to me,
but I struggle with feeling certain.

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There are. Some spirits specialize in the identity of other mages. And coincidentally your enemies will be told to you by some people.


That is interesting, what do you mean by “some people”?
And what entities specialize in that?

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Random people will tell you things about people you didn’t ask. Sometimes it is the spirits telling you. Vine is a demon who can tell you the identity of mages.


How do I learn more about Vine?

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Here is his sigil. Sorry if it’s not the best. Information can be found about him on aliester Crowley’s book on demons. That’s where I found it

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Gave me a idea for a spellto develop

Or try to at least

Andromalius is good to evoke for finding those that seek to harm you and revealing and punishing them.


You can try Suhgurim of the Necronomicon Spellbook. It is an aspect of Marduk. I have worked with this system effectively in the past.
Suhgurim is a state of consciousness that allows you to perceive your enemies with ease. Please note that there is the illusory (physical) enemy and the true enemy (lack of self-knowledge). Everything without is within.

Suhgurim will tackle both, i.e. identify the true cause (thought pattern in your consciousness) and the illusory enemy found in your physical world. “Slaying” your enemy occurs by eliminating the causing thought pattern with another desirable pattern and by creating peace between you and the illusory enemy thus ceasing hostility and truly slaying the enemy. However, it is also possible to harm the illusion by destroying the physical enemy but this will yield short-lived results because until the pattern within is corrected other enemies will emerge.

In essence, Suhgurim will aid true self-knowledge and reveal that the enemy is indeed within and that the physical enemy is but an illusion/reflection who is actually a faithful friend reflecting an aspect of your consciousness. That said, if you want to kick the illusion’s ass you can but it is rarely the lasting solution.