Magic starts then stops Need Advice

Friday I asked Pomba Gira for help, to bring someone back in my life…did a red candle…offerings…read out loud her love prayer, visualization the person back…I have done this every night since Friday. Sunday I thought it started working because the dude came over, and it was great…I still continued the same ritual, but for some reason the dude stopped talking to me again and I think this stopped working? Does this happen? If so why?

Pomba Gira Maria is my Matron. I called on her a few years ago at the crossroads to bring someone back to me. They came back, but it was with a twist. Magic is tricky, and it works in waves. What your experience has been ie normal in the grand scheme of things. It takes time for it to work. The more you question it or lust for r3sults, the more it seems to flee.
Think of magic like a wild bird that you have held in a cage and fed. You open the cage to let the bird to freedom but despair that he does not come back to you, so you make noise and try and draw him to you… but realize, he will only land back on your hand when you have exhausted yourself and are sitting, calm and collected and peacefully without expecting him to do so.


Be patient.This is a common thing in love spells.At this stage,the victim either gets distant,or gets angry to the operator.Then usually it settles down.
Now I should warn you about this,love spells usually lose its effect over sometime,so you might have to do it again when that happens.

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Thank you for your replies. @MotherTrucker what was the twist?