Magic/spirits to won the online auctions like ebay

Did any of you tried ever to use magic to win something on ebay or similar site? Like you know, there is something you really want for a really good price, so you are doing magic for no one to overbid your maximum, which youi will say during the spell / evocation. Or to remove all potential competitors, so you will be able to buy it at the bargain price.

Ahoy thoughs, reccomendations?

Labezerin in or other spirits may suit well for it?

Not exactly, I usually use a pendulum to see whether it’s worth bidding (to save myself the hassle if anything goes wrong) or Q. 27 from the Book Of Fate, which I also use before going out to make a major purchase of any kind and it’s never led me astray yet.

I’d feel bad using demons but I do use the Law of Attraction a lot to envision me finding exactly what I want on eBay at the right price, and that seems to yield results above random to a remarkable degree - I set an intent, do some visualisation, and BAM there’s the shiny thing I wanted at a decent price for sale.

In most situations I’d feel bad using demonic aid on a seller or other buyers in an auction, because they’ve done nothing to get caught up in this except share my taste in whatever kind of item it is, so the LoA’s non-competitive nature fits my ethics a lot better.

I would be more inclined to simply enchant for what I want. That way, it is free to come to me in whatever way it wants to. If I am drawn to bid for it on ebay or whatever, so be it, but I wouldn’t be limited to just that avenue of manifestation.