Magic or firearms?

Is it possible to become more reliant on magick to protect yourself against immediate physical threats over a firearm?

Lethality is optional, but neutralizing a threat is of great concern to me

Thanks in advance, and a point in the right direction is always appreciated too

Does a dagger with a “death spell” on it count?

I am an NRA Life Member and a former MC outlaw (thank you to my children for pulling out of a future of prison life), but if you can muster up enough to hurt by means of magick, then you should be able to at least talk to someone face to face (doesn’t matter if you end up fighting and lose, you stood your ground). And if you have what it takes to kill by magick then you should have what it takes to hit a person in the thoat and send them to the hospital or shove a 1911 in their face and make sure they never say a word. Stand up and take care of business. Magick gives you the opportunity to create change, you still have to pick up the ball and make the change happen in the here and now.

Just me, but Im keeping my guns handy. I refuse to be killed for lack of shooting back, and I have good reason to believe I am a better shot that a common gang member. So for the time being, I still keep my Kimber 1911 in my nightstand.

Wow I have a kimber 1911 too, is it a custom aegis? I always keep my guns ready at home, but I was referring to concealed carry. Interesting how you refer to a prison life, but couldn’t you just avoid prison through means of magic? I mean if it can’t even do that what’s it good for? EA said he had his charges dropped at one time, what’s from stopping you?

I will always carry a knife so no that doesn’t count haha, but what does this death spell function as, seems like I could apply that immediately

Depends on the situation, if someones about to physically kill you, most people won’t be able to magically retaliate. Apparently this is what happened to the old toltec sorcerors according to don juan, they were good at fighting magically, but when they were physically attacked they had no time to retaliate. Whatd be cool is to put spells on the bullets in your gun.

Do you know the reference for where Don Juan said that?
thanks in advance

I’m pretty sure it was in “Fire within” either that or I was mistaken and it was in Theun Mares book “Return of the warriors” which wasn’t written by Carlos Castenda but was written about the seers both old and new that are often eluded to in his books.

My reference to prison life was to how I used to live and make money back then, the word outlaw is an accurate statement. I have kids now, a 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy now; when my daughter hit about 2 I realized I was the worst part of a world I was trying to protect her against. So I gave it up. Still ride a Harley, and on occasion still hang out at the clubhouse even though I am out, still ride with my old friends and always will, just without everything that comes with the patches.

As for concealed carry, I live in California in Fresno County with Margaret Mimms in charge, and she likes armed citizens, so I am currently riding outlaw again with my pistol in the center console of my Jeep. Call me a law breaker, but if I go to jail for lawfully using my gun without a CCW, then at least I will be out quick and still be alive. Just saying, magick can be powerful, but keep you Kimber with you just in case. And never buy a Sig, every one I have ever tried jammed. It’s Kimber or Ruger only for me on 1911’s, the new Ruger is pretty sweet, but it’s still not better than my Kimber.

Just got a S&W 500 too, it’s a badass, but kinda pricey to shoot. The Kimber is more accurate than that fucker any ways!

But as an FWI, I have no regrets for the things I have done, just changed my life and headed to the mountains so my kids wouldn’t have to live by the gun. Though they can both shoot, and both already know how to ride a dirtbike:) But I would never disrespect or be ashamed of where I came from, made me who I am today.

If I’m trying to kill magically then I don’t want any evidence I was there in that capacity. Self defense is completely different, I’m a concealed carry holder and exercise my right to do so. At the minimum I have a small .380 or j-frame for shorts and t-shirt wear and usually carry my Glock 26 or 19 depending on what I’m wearing. I also keep a nice sharp knife on me that’s quick to open like a ZT560 or spyderco paramilitary ( a knife is more lethal than a gun in close quarters).

Its hard enough to pull a gun and fire accurately when under stress, I imagine trying to go into TG sync for magick use would be an exercise in futility. If your going to carry a gun for defense then spend the time and money to get quality realistic training. Paper targets don’t move and don’t punch you in the face while your trying to draw.

To be fair, that only works if you’re a comparable weight and strength to them, a 120lbs female in a country where people don’t carry firearms isn’t likely to come out well from a meeting with a gang of 3 or 4 180lb guys armed with knives, so the physical bit only goes so far.

That’s even more true if the smaller person’s also elderly, or pregnant, or has maybe a medical condition that makes them way more vulnerable to a simple punch, even just being post-op for an abdominal operation is a game-changer.

MichaelSmith, it seems your best bet would be to 1. make sure you either don’t find yourself in situations like that, by honing your intuition (be the guy who decided to take the longer route the night the armed gang were raging on the shortcut) or by acquiring a method of being warned, e.g., by working closely with an entity who has a vested interest in keeping you in one piece, 2. call into servce some entity that will deter people from attacking you, and hold it to that with some pretty dire automatic consequnces in place if it disobeys and 3. learn everything you can about real-world stuff, from guys like the comments on here, to learning where the surprisingly bad areas are to be, what clothes get you the responses you do/don’t want, and so on.

I agree with the consensus, if you’re attacked you’re going to be pounding out adrenaline, real body-altering chemicals that are designed to draw blood into your muscles and so on so you survive a fight, you’re going to have tunnel vision going on, all kinds of cognitive changes that make your entire body-mind into a different environment than it usually is - that’s why the army train so damned hard, to get used to these changes, and even then it’s not 100% successful.

hey. just had a thought - have you looked into the berserkr thing? I only skimmed it but there’s people online who claim to be able to bring on an altered state at will, under that kind of pressure, I have NO idea so just saying it might be worth checking out? I’m guessing if it worked DARPA would already be all over it, but there might be something there for you.

In my place, I carry a 1911, off my turf I rely on magic.I just have to be sure to look both ways before I cross the street.nobody notices me, even point blank.LOL

I believe it was in tactical magic by seth that the author brought up the subject of survival magic, such as realizing your about to die if that bullet hits you and somehow it doesn’t, changing course mid shot. this would probably be a case of the desire to live overpowering reality. I would much rather avoid getting shot at, as I have no desire to test that out. but hey, anything’s possible right?

I can enter a state similar to how berserker is described, I have cossack blood in me, violence is second nature to me. I was just curious if anyone here had surpassed the need for physical protection. It sounds like it’s a rarity or impossibility to the masses.

Both physical and magical protection against “regular” people are needed only when you’re in trouble with them, on their terms, in their environment - the wisest advice any martial artist will give you is, don’t get in trouble, because you win 100% of the fights you don’t get into.

I suppose there’s an “it would be cool” thing of shitting out a few destructive spirits after riling some asshole workaday guy who thinks with his fists, but even then, you’re going to risk your aggressor being too drunk, enraged or drugged to really notice what’s happening.

Also, protection is a defensive strategy, a reaction to someone else’s forst move, and not a proactive thing, like for example magickally attacking an enemy or whatever, so you might be better casting some kind of spell or invocation etc ahead of time to keep trouble out of your way, and working on empowering yourself with all that inheritance so people conclude you’re not the guy to fuck with, and go off in search of easier prey.

I don’t think it’s impossible, but I do think anyone who has surpassed the level of the old seers most likely won’t be talking about those secrets on an online forum. People have seen things like aliensand monsters deflect bullets andd some entities around skinwalker ranch have done stuff like cause dogs to spontaniously combust, there is also a couple examples of humans doing this sort of stuff I recall in Micheal Talbots book “The holographic universe”

[quote=“MichaelSmith, post:1, topic:2010”]Is it possible to become more reliant on magick to protect yourself against immediate physical threats over a firearm?

Lethality is optional, but neutralizing a threat is of great concern to me

Thanks in advance, and a point in the right direction is always appreciated too[/quote]

I hope I’m not sharing any personal info that I shouldn’t, but in my personal consultations with E.A. he mentioned to me once that he used to possess an “arsenal” of firearms, that he used to frequently practice with, but he then said to me “I got rid of them when I realized that I didn’t need guns to kill people”. And the dark undertone of satisfaction in this statement sold me, especially with the powerful shiver sent down my spine upon hearing it.

Imagine being able to evoke any one of these powerful and baneful entities Koetting writes about to with willpower and gesture instead of sitting in a ritual circle perhaps wondering if you can manifest it’s presence fully. Now, imagine not just being connected this intimately to one powerful spirit and being able to manifest it’s presence, but hundreds of powerful entities like this, all of them waiting for your call out to them, their subordinate spirits, legions, familiars, and to the powers of darkness and it’s agents to do your bidding, and being able to command all of them precisely at any target in an instant.

These forces could be equated with weapons, but perhaps only fairly with weapons of mass destruction. And even then I have witnessed the effects some of these spirits leave with people, that can follow them far beyond death along with other things, in that respect there is no fair comparison.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

I have had a few interesting experiences where I have been attacked and walked away without major injuries. One instance was quite interesting, someone had been trying to stab me with a screw driver, and there is no explanation as to why it did not go through me. The person was extremely angry and got more enraged with each attempt. Maybe it was protection, or maybe I activated an occult defense. Either way, it still puzzles me to this day.

I had a major involve in buddism prior to get into magick, and tho it was something extremely helpful for staying in great mood and feeling extremely happy (yes, like if you were on mushrooms) I drifted towards magick for the need of manifesting other things in life beyond peace and stuff (like shelter, food, job, stuffs).

The thing is that while I was in that, the aura of peace was really powerful, even people with rage and stuff calmed down and I remember I was robed just once, two guys with knifes, I had my laptop and an old cellphone, the guys tooked the cellphone and runned away, I remember one saying “stay calm and give me all your shit” and I was like “well, I’m calm” and the guys were in an obvious rush of adrenaline, was more nervous than me, was funny… it was funny too when two days later a cop threated me with his gun thiking I had just robbed a dude, but thats another tale.

the thing is, when we talk about protecton, how things usually work is what uncle chuckie call “indirect psychokinesis” in which for example, instead of you blasting your attacker on fire at your will, some external explotion in some near kitchen gets to the guy leaving you free of danger.

Another way is that, when people are usally looking to do something dangerous either consiously or incounsiously, there is an astral command looking for an astral answer, if your aura has not the slightest response towards their “intention call” then you’ll slip away the danger.

so, magickal protection works that way, even tho I think what can seem as a miracle is also posible, and actually happens a lot if you dig around asking weird shit in parties.

anyway I say, depending in where you live (Canada or the rest of the world), a gun in our hands is always a friend, unless you have crippling depression.

If a gun was more powerful than a human, whether it be in body or anything else, then we wouldn’t have created it, and it wouldn’t need human interaction to even use it’s power. It doesn’t matter than it was built with some perceived separate objects, it is our creation, and we can control anything it does.

It’s not a matter of gun strength, it’s a matter of human weakness. We can summon forth entities that are beyond time and beyond current human perception can even be, but what’s the point if you are vulnerable to bullets? It seems completely useless and masturbatory to work with entities that powerful unless you are willing to embody that powerful totally.

So is magic more powerful than firearms? That probably the wrong question, but rather is a particular magician more powerful than a firearm. There’s bulletproof men all over, but they certainly aren’t debating whether their power can keep them bulletproof, nor do they fear man-made things. So it’s up to the magician, it has absolutely nothing to do with a limit, unless the magician succumbs to it. It’s also why I feel that magic probably needs to do some personal cleaning and reformation beyond the old ideals, practices, or paradigms, because they all possess limits that almost seem as enslaving as they are liberating.