Magic of the bottle has been destroyed

Hi! I made a love spell inside a bottle and I have to wait for 7 days for cleaning… I forgot the spell and i opened my box, I couldn’t not find the bottle, I will get insane! I’m living alone and have no idea what happened. Someone could help me?

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Hmmm well, welcome to magick, just make another bottle spell or contact the angel of lost (use the search function).


  1. It’s likely you or another human moved it.
  2. Otherwise, that’s the lifestyle of a magician right there. I’ve emptied everything out of a backpack only to put it together again and then have the thing I want appear when I ask the ‘friends’ for it (this has been in front of other people who’ve also emptied my things and put them back together). I’ve had jewelry disappear and reappear. All kinds of things. My stepmom used to find needles hanging from her ceiling. In other words, it’s not uncommon for things to ‘magically vanish’ when you do magick.

Yes, yes!! Exact same, except the needles.

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It happens sometimes, you can ask Andromalius to help you recover lost things. There might also be a reason why it was taken from you, so I would meditate on that and ask clarification, too.

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