Magic never works for me

I’ve done sigil work,evocation and other stuff but nothing works
what do you think?

How long have you been at it?

A lot of people here, myself very much included, have to wait a little bit (or a lot) to get things to work. I can do only very basic stuff, I’m pretty much a newbie, but if you’re so, then keep at it and take a look t what you’re doing.

I can’t cast a spell to save my life, but I can task spirits following certain grimoires.

Please think carefully about what you’re doing. First of all, be sure you’re in trance before doing any magick. The void meditation (you’ll find a tutorial in this very same forum) has worked like a charm for me.


Dhyana and samadhi… Thats what I think

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I’m new to magic too but I’ve heard you don’t have to be an expert to get what you asked for during the evocation and I’m pretty sure the entities were present
thank you so much I would try the meditation

Meditation is the foundation were you build your practice. Do it. Then go for trance. Things will improve sooner or later.

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Work on self improvement and keep trying

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:+1:yeah I do meditation but I should be more consistent

U got such a cute avatar. how could magic not work for you? would be the appropriate question. =o) look at them eyes all zonk out under a spell. lol

Things work behind the scenes. And how do you know it didn’t work? It’s not like the movies where you cast and poof … instant result in front of you. Lots of newbies have misconception of how one get results and dismiss magick so easily. It takes time, and skill of intention, purpose, will, concentration, state of mind, perserverance, etc… Many ingredients.

It took some member yrs before magick start to clik and work. Perserverance, practice,patience, and ongoing learning is key. It’s really not something that you just pick up and it works. Sure some are talented naturally but not for most folks. It do require effort and working on self as well.


Sometimes our particular desire takes time to manifest even if you try to obtain through magick. Sometimes it takes 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and even can take years to manifest regarding what you’ve asked to a particular deity. As the authors of ‘powers of magick’ says that “if your magick appears to fail, it can mean the result needs more time to manifest. If there is a complete failure, it may be that you requested a change that was unrealistic in relation to your current life, or that you requested too many changes at once, small changes gather to generate greater success and a restrained approach is more productive than attempting to produce several large changes at one time. If there appears to be a full reversal (with the situation worsening), this actually means you applied the magick too late, and events were in motion that could not be fully arrested. Magick May have lessened the negative outcomes for you even though It appears to be the other way around. Using magick to recover or change the situation to your advantage is the best course of action.”

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:joy: :joy: :two_hearts:
I just haven’t seen any results yet
yes you’re right I know the evocations work cuz I feel their energy
i guess I should be more patient

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i haven’t seen results on mine either. AT least concrete direct results. I know it works. got noisy homeless to be less noisy with help of everyday efforts calling the police to do their jobs. Got some lucky wins at casino and it can’t be coincidence when i ask for specific amount and it fell into that range. don’t happen all the time but enough to know it’s not by chance.

Got noisy neighbor downstairs to be more quiet not blasting music by casting illness spell. The hardcore spells of death don’t seem to work for me . lol. That would of solve the noisy problem easily. And it took some time to get these results. not one time casting. Months of practice. Now i see results more faster cuz i guess my skills are gettting better.

You can do some testing on small stuff for practice.

Basicallly you do small stuff for testing magick so that you have confidence to continue the study. no lusting.

your everyday efforts helps magick along too. Its not cast and you get results . for example. if you cast for ex to be back, maybe you get events that bring you two together but you still have to do the work of communicating and changing self so they want to stay. It’s’ not only magick. It require action too. If you treat ex like trash or the same way that they dont’ like… I kinda think they will not want to stick around. Magick create opportunity. The action part makes it stick.

many layers. not simple like most people think.


wow so true now that I think about my requests i guess it was just not the right time

=)) we have noisy neighbors too should try it on them
yeah I guess things I asked were pretty big I should find something smaller for faster results

and if you think magick don’t work. well, that’s you casting spell that it don’t work. so magick works. :rofl:

I don’t think it’s simple but I want to be proven that it actually works

You will get there brother. :sparkles: I wish you luck in all your Magickal workings.

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proof is base on practice and results. you get that by casting and doing proper process that is taught in them magick books. It’s about emotion and energy charging your spells. Take people some time to learn to increase their will and concentration. focus etc…

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Yeah I believe it works just gotta see it for myself

i don’t care to see results. just as long as i get results. It’s like oxygen, you can’t see it. yet it’s there.

Thanks dude i wish the same for you^^