Magic model

There are 2 models for magic that I use. The most success I have with magic is the spirit model where u summon a spirit or use certain spirits in specific currents that I am in. I’ve been doing some reading on joy of satan website. Mostly the meditations. But the other one is the energy model. Where u visualize balls of energy and program them to do your biding. I identify with this because why would want to depend on anyone? Meaning asking a spirit.

What timing. Just this second, I was wondering: which one is key to getting results through spells: your energy, or your connection to spirits? I’m still not sure.

I’d love to hear what other people’s experiences have been on this.

Spirits. You don’t need to “raise energy” in any traditional spirit system. @Salpinx

I started thinking after I posted this post that makeing servitors is a lot of work when you can evoke a spirit with legions of familars to accomplish your goals. I’m into the science of the application of these forces. Even when doing rituals (trabajos) jobs and Ebbos in the atr’s I’ve been taught while preparing the stuff for the job intended you must think and visualize what you want to happen. Even with the atr’s some peoples spells (jobs) work better than others. I’ve noticed the people’s jobs that work the best are aware of this and coach the client while preparing the job constantly reminding them to push thier intent into the ingredients. My Padrino in Ifa always tells me how clients watch him while he’s saying the prayers and doing the sacrifice. He tells them not to concentrate on him. He says this is your time to connect with the Orisha to show them what you want to happen. He says nobody knows and feels ur desires more then you. This is the difference.

I have had success with both, and prefer a combination of them.