Magic in magick

As a fan of the game magic the gathering, I’d love to see a grimiore that focuses on the five colors. I doubt that I’ll see one, but I still think it would be cool. Considering how much goes into the color pie philosophy.

You can always create it. Pop culture magick is very real thing.

I am probably going to become a pop culture magician since there is so much interest in that. I my opinion that is what MatPat is.

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There are branches of chaos magick focused upon 8 colors and types of magick.


Chaos Magick has already done something similar, using Terry Pratchett’s colours of magic.

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As everyone has already said, definitely look into the chaos magic route for this. You might have to do some digging though. Most of that kind of work was done in the late 90’s and Early 00’s. But you should be able to find it if you look. The Gnostic Thunderbolt is a chaos magic ritual that was listed under “red magic” in my notes, and if that’s not an equivalent to the similarly titled MTG card, I don’t know what is.

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