Magic during the day


Do you ever perform rituals during the day?


Yes. I prefer day time over night time but it’s not really easy to synchronise it with the mundane day time life. So night it is more often :smiley:




Rituals rarely, spells often.


Choosing when to cast is not complicated. If you feel like casting a spell durning the day go for it. However, many people feel that spells are more powerful when they are cast during certain moon phases and moon signs and even during specific days of the week or at night as when you employ candles you can feel the full effects of your ritual tools and those energies can add a bit of strength to your own.


I have a mercury ritual to do that must be done on the day of mercury and during the hours of mercury. These hours are as follows.

7:00 am
1:00 pm
7:00 pm
3:30 am

I prefer rituals at night, but the best time for that is 7 and on wednesdays I have a class. I can’t wait till 3:30 in the morning either. And because I sleep till 8, 1 in the afternoon is the best time. That’s why I ask.


You can and should set your own schedule, there is no problem with altering the the times of your rituals to fit.


If you want to go by the rules you might also consider that at the moment Mercury is both retrograde and in detriment (Pisces)


Depends really. I don’t consider it to be as important as most seem to, but I do prefer to work at night, under the Moon. And like dave pointed at, planetary hours can be a good touch to add as well, and they aren’t always possible at night.


I’m looking at a rite for sunday


Some need to be performed when the person you’re working on is asleep.


Than you will have to find a way to work around it. It’s great when the lunarphase, mansion of the moon, ascendant, planetary day and hour (etc?) are ‘correct’, but rarely all of them are.
Focus on the ones that agree with your goal.

One tip: Do a couple of 1 card divinations in the manner of “What will be the outcome if I perform operation A, the goal of which is B, at / on C?” Where C stands for the time or date.