Magic digitalised

I truly believe and have gotten confirmed by spirits like lucifer or lilith that this does indeed work and will begin to materialize soon.
Using the basics of magic i dont need to buy anything. The basics like intent, binding, connection, and belief
I decided to practice baneful magick on a few folks and although it havent materialized yet they said that it will be done.
I had a picture of the victim or what i want and have pictures of what i associate or is directly what i want. I draw the inverted pentagram by using paint since i associate it with evil. I open the sigil and focus on binding it all together and visualise the outcome. As magick is tricky and i dont expect instant or results that happen exactly like i want it to i let go of that. Since the pentagram is now associated with all of that i start invoking spirits like lucifer, abaddon, choronzon, sepheranz, euronymous and open their sigils, connect it with the pentagram and everything else and ask them for help. After that i let go and do something else and truly never need to look back because i know it will work and i trust the spirits to do it in divine timing.

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