Magic Circles, Evocation & My Calling

Hi everyone
I am a bit confused. I am reading the Satanic Bible right now and ole Anton says creating a Magic Circle is not necessary for evocation.
But reading an earlier topic asking What is the easiest way to evoke a demon. Everyone agrees on creating a Magic Circle. LaVey made some good points as to why one would not need a Circle. But after reading some posts, I am now scratching my head. I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry but something inside of me is telling me that a circle is not necessary as well as other information that I had know prior knowledge of. When I am stressed and ask myself questions in my head. I get logical answers to my questions. And there is a list of other things happening that I may mention later, but something is happening to me and I embrace it whole heartedly.

I have to admit that I believe I am being called to the LHP… I never knew it existed. I knew of black magic of couse, but that’s it. I felt and still feel as true sense of belonging as well as a warm sense of being reunited with something ftom long ago. am being unconsciously led to places for research on the LHP, this website for one example. I have changed my appearance not because I wanted to but because it felt right.
I ignorantly went out buying altar materials after being led to them not really knowing what they where used for. I knew how to do things without knowing how to do them. If that makes any sense. So I set up a little make shift alter, drew a few of Lucifers sigils and tried to evoke him. After meditating on his sigil and calling upon him. I felt electricity pulse through me and I became light headed. It felt awesome. I honestly believe that he was there in my room so I thanked him for coming and asked him to forgive my ignorance and apologized to him if I was doing anything wrong. I explained that I am very new to this and asked for his patience. I never ocean felt that I was in danger, actually it was quiet the contrary. After having my say I thanked him again for coming and invited him to stay for as long as he liked as I went on about my business . Later that evening I was getting ready for bed and I noticed a light on in my closet. I went to my closet and saw that my old fishing hat lights were on. Now the batteries in this hat have been dead for 3 to 4 years. Roughly two years ago I tried turning the light on to no avail and you can’t replace the batteries in it.
But here it was, light on and shinning bright as can be. I marveled at it for a minute then turned the light off and went to bed. The next morning I went back to the hat and tried turning on the light. After several attempts it did not turn on so gave up and placed the hat back on the shelf and went about my day. Throughout the week tried several more times with hat and got nothing.

I am hoping that it was Lucifers energy that powered my hat lights but I am thinking maybe it was purely coincidental.

Can anybody shed some light on the necessity of a Magic Circle and if my experiences may truly be a calling…
Thanx everbody…

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I believe it’s needed if you need the reason for it in the ritual. In general, it’s used for protection, do you feel that you need protection? If yes, then use it. If not, then you can perform the ritual without it.

LHP or RHP… some magicians cast a circle out of personal conviction or because they follow specific traditions, others don’t.

If you don’t know how you feel about it or can’t make up your mind, then use it. Better use it and you don’t need it, than need it when it’s too late to use it.


Circles are not necessary for evocation.

However, I feel they are important for beginners like yourself for three reasons:

  1. the circle is the place where you stand in the centre of Eternity. It is the place where you become God, and it separates the regular world from the magical. When you cast a circle, it signals to your mind that you are doing something extraordinary and helps you focus and get into the magical mindset. At the end of a ritual, taking down the circle also provides a way to release the energy and return to the beta state.

  2. Depending on the type of circle used, it also provides a boundary and protection against unwanted intrusion from spirits attracted to your magick. Magick lights you up on the astral plane and signals to its denizens “here I am,” and so the circle can act as a form of protection against wandering spirits and the like who can be attracted like moths to a flame. That is why a circle casting is included in most banishing rituals, as @PrinceX mentioned above, and is then reinforced by the invocation of Powers, be they archangels or demonic kings, or elementals, or even self made servitors.

  3. Regular practice of a circle casting/banishing ritual trains you in energy manipulation, visualisation, and the vibration of Words of Power, the basic components required for all successful magick.

Contrary to some opinions, circles do not offend spirits, and most spirits of the Western tradition even expect them.

I don’t know what your personal beliefs are regarding spirits, but ol’ Anton was an atheist, so to him spirits were nothing but archetypes of the human mind and circles weren’t necessary because “it’s all in your head.”

As for whether or not your experience was a calling, only you can truly answer that because it is your interpretation of it that matters, not ours. It has no meaning except that which you give to it.


Both @DarkestKnight and @PrinceX pretty said it all. But I’ll add one more thing, you see circles are good to have for the reasons already stated, however a circle can be seen as a training wheel for you to realize and activate your omnipotence, and eventually someday you may not need it all the time. But for more formal situations like when a pact is made or when evoking a spirit for the first time, it’s very much recommended especially if it’s a powerhouse you are dealing with.

One case you may not necessarily need a circle, is when you work with nature spirits, then the world is pretty much your magick circle and you evoke then in or with their element.

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These aren’t bad notes but I have a question for all of you, who would you consider powerhouses? Just so the beginners have something to go off of.

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Well, the last thing I need is unwanted attention. I will start using the Circle from now on. I thank and appreciate all of you for the sound advice.

@itsnathanm7 is right I should’ve mentioned that. From my experience entities that are usually considered powerhouses @Nosferatu are: Arch Demons, Arch Angels, ruler/rulers over a kingdom or sphere (king/queen) like: The Qliphoth/Sephiroth. God Class entities like: Gods - or Lords of death. The Old Ones (Azathoth, Cthulu, etc). Set, Thor, Freyja, Baast, etc. A commander in chief/general of legions or High priests/priestess could also be considered power houses. That about covers most of it. Always remember this; you are the one who gives the call, to reitterate something that E.A has said which is important in all Evocation operations (I’m paraphrasing here):

At the top of the hierarchy we have the operator (you/us, all who are walking this earth in physical form) and then there’s the rest of existence.

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Anton LaVeys magical theories are not conducive to this kind of work in the first place. His idea is that magick works through the release of adrenal and biochemical energies released through emotional intensity. It’s nothing at all to do with spirits. His theories, to be honest, are dead wrong. If you are doing spirit work, ignore LaVey. And this is coming from someone who was immersed in his philosophy for decades


I am beginning to realize this. As a complete novice I wasn’t sure where to begin. I really do appreciate everyone’s input because I really want to learn the LHP and do things correctly. The last thing I want to do is anger a god or bring negative energy upon myself. Again I thank everyone for their input. This forum has been extremely helpful. You guys have the experience that I lack, but I will get there…
Peace to all…

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It’s an option, and an opinionated one at that for many here and abroad in all paths. Find out what works best, for you.