Magic Based only on Speech

For those who like to use magic without tools,here are some books to try.

The MIracle Of New Avatar Power by '‘Geof Gray Cobb’'
Babylonian Sacred Words of Power by '‘Carl Nagel’‘
Advanced Planetary Magic by ‘’ Jason MIller’'
Orphic Hymns (you can easily find them online)
Words of Power by '‘Damon Brand’'
Mantra yoga And Primal Sound by ‘‘David Frawley’’

I recently acquired Advanced Planetary Magic. I also have been working with Planetary Magic by Denning and Phillips. Miller’s book is going to be my go to. He really strips things down and I like that. There’s a part of me that likes ceremony as well, so I’ll continue to work through Planetary Magic as well, but as more of a “special occasion” thing. I’ll also add, you don’t have to be an adept to use his book. If you have a working knowledge of Kabbalah as it relates to the planets, and planetary days and hours, you’ve got all you need.