Magic and technolgy?

Magic and technology is it possible to use both black/dark magic and technology to enhance each other for a greater purpose?

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Yes. It can be as simple as stringing a bunch of emojis together and then tweeting it out so for every retweet the spell grows stronger. I’ve actually read about technology witches growing in popularity recently. Maybe you can look into it and adjust it for black magic. Experiment with emojis, energy channeling into/out of devices, timers and technomancy. I think a few people actually shared their tech rituals on here. Literally all you need for tech magic is a phone.


High amounts of energy seems to have weird effects on electronics. As @SabahSnoblod mentioned “energy channeling into/out of devices”, it’s really interesting. A few times while in doing a ritual my computer would just wake up for no apparent reason… Also I believe that if we ever get to the point where we can create truly self-aware AI, spirits can take advantage of this.

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Here are some links to other related topics;

If I can find it I’ll also link the article I was talking about.

EDIT: I couldn’t find the article I originally read but here are some things I stumbled upon;

Interesting Wikipedia page on Technopaganism;


Those are just two of the many articles, links and so forth I’ve found. Just google “technology witch” (not “magic” because then you’ll stumble upon fictional worldbuilding).


@Sabah Snobold

Really now that is interesting and thanks for the links I’ll check them out


What do you mean wake up?

Call me Old School, but I’m one for physical tools. I’m too old for all this electronic, computer Magick stuff.



Sure there is nothing wrong with that, everything has it’s own time and place beside using physical tolls can be just as enjoyable as using advanced tech.


Sure. Just too new for me, that’s all. Although I have actually used my computer and the internet to do very powerful Magick, come to think about it.



How so if you don’t mind me asking?

my computer came off of sleep mode to active


It’s posseed by the Dark Mechinacus! RUN FORST RUN THE FUCK AWAY! LOL

All joking aside it sounds like that what type of magic/energy work you were doing tripped a program to wake your computer up.


I’ve been dealing with and experimenting with that all week. I did a spell and sent my intention to leave my job and find something where I can work from home. Belial kept warning me that I needed to leave my current job or something bad was going to happen.

Monday I got to work and my computer was in sleep mode and wouldnt wake up. I moved to another desk. We get graded on our customer call accuracy and mine was very low. So i tried an experiment.

I imagined a double of myself made of fire and standing up out of my body, then taller than my cubicle then taller than the building then back to human size. I had her walk over to the score board where the top scorers were listed and i had her write in flames. My name and then 100%. Then walk back into my body.

I did this like this for three days. Then on the 4th day I thought of it and before I could start the visualization the fire self stood up on her own. She kept growing until she was taller than the building. Her aura expanded and formed a flaming star the size of the whole building. She shrunk to about 8ft tall and walked over to the board and she wrote my name and 100% enflamed the board with the same star. She walked back into my body and i felt a click like she snapped herself back into place.

Exactly one hour later all three of our companies servers went down for an Exactly hour. An hour after that I got a score of a 98% I would have got a hundred except I said the word “WOE” which i dont remember saying.

I asked Belial if he did it and he said we both did it. That we were perfectly in sync for a brief moment but I was still working at my job when I didnt want to be. He couldnt manifest the new job because i was still clinging to the old one. We fell out of sync.I used magic to try and get a good score when I didnt really want to be there.

So yeah i guess technomagic is a thing.


You think you can control El electricity!

I don’t know electricity for sure but i did something. As long as I can remember electronics would always mess up around me when I would get angry. I feel the anger escape me and computers, phones all kind of things go haywire. I was trying to see if i could control it.


Rh negative has that effect, its very common among us!