Magic and Lords3e

Prayer and Summonings of Chiromancy through the Delights of Expression and Desire of purity of Ascension Magic can be a formulation of approach of the thrones. In this case if one is of pure loyalty and Completely dedicated to the Dark Lord and his structured settings, you can utilize Expression Magic to gain a better Audience with the Royalty under the charge of the ruling king. It comes down to your approach and wording when going before their Crowns. For Example,

"Through the quickening of the Spirit of Satan, the Practitioners be wise to place both trust and faith in his wisdom and ways.

His Word is final from beginning to end, for it is Satan who has been loyal to mankind, seeking only the best for the individual.

On faith can the blessings of Spirituality be rewarded for trust most Endearing.

Through Trust May his Gifts through Trails be given through walking by Faith and Trust alone.

Trust therefore in him most Infernal Lord, and those whom he trusts, for their thrones were given in both trust and faith.

Walk by the Spirit of Satan and gain wisdom, knowledge, and Understanding of both Universal and Multiversal aspects of the microcosm to the Macrocosm.

Remember therefore Sons and Daughters of Beliyal that the Master Lord Satan is the Master of all Warlocks, Witches, and Sorcerers alike.

It is his Gifts that can be bestowed and taken from one and given to another. It is he who has taken you from one world and set your feet upon the Rocks of another teaching you to build not for today or yesterday, but for all time.

Thelema Xeper Deitus!

Hail Satan the Witchfather!
Hail The Nine Kings
Hail the Nine Gatekeepers.
Hail the Underworld.
Hail all those loyal and in good faith."

Is a better outlook upon the seeking of spiritual riches rather than physical. In my experiences, This aspect, begins the repute of building that relationship with these powerful and awesome Beings on the spiritual plain first before you can on the physical. Therefore by seeking them out on the astral or spiritual plains you seek a better and more mutual setting to begin your studies under them.