Magic along with medicine

Just to cover my ass I am going to state that I am not a doctor, nor a licenced medical anything (though I would like a license for medical marijuana… but that is neither here nor there)

My S.O. is currently attending college and is a Health and Health Promotions Major. As such my S.O. is a wealth of knowledge when I feel sick or off. She helped me a few years ago when I was feeling down but not depressed (I know what depression feels like) by suggesting that I take a vitamin B supplement, as when the body is stressed it burns through your B’s which can leave you lethargic and feeling off.

The B’s I take work very quickly but they have the effect of unbalancing me while replenishing my B’s. Nothing major just mood swings where I am not well grounded.

So what I do is a balancing exercise I found in Jason Miller’s “The Sorcerers’ Secrets” and “Financial Sorcery”. I begin by getting into the Gnostic Trance and utilize the pillar ritual. Then I amass all the energy at the base of my spine, I create a filter that traps in energy that corresponds to “Earth” and filter the rest up my spine, the stomach keeps fire, the heart keeps water, the throat keeps air and my head keeps spirit.

I then run energy up and down , and finally out this channel which has the effect of cleansing and balancing me.

It helps a lot to balance myself after spirit work, the weird B vitamin thing, or anything else that knocks me outta wack.

So how about the rest of you? What do you do to rebalance yourself? I think this is something magicians new and experienced need to keep track of as all the stuff we do can knock us out of wack fairly easily.

I use the solar banishing ritual, spiritual cleansing baths, and an alcohol spray

Nice. I have been getting into more materia, beyond the incense.

I highly recommend Hoodoo herb and root magic. Lots of materia that’ll be extremely useful. Better than any Cunningham book lol

I bless almost everything I eat, very simply (“Cast out from this anything damaging, and imbue it with power and nourishment”) - and silently! - and I check in now and then to see if my diet and exercise stuff’s still working as I want it to.

It took me a few years to find a way of eating I’m happy with but I periodically check on that and see if there’s anything I should change, and mostly I keep up with the recommendations. Mostly! lol

I do all kinds of energy work, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been falling asleep with that reverse afrin from EA’s vid on repeat play almost every night, and consciously drawing as much energy from the Ahriman current that developed through my spine and into my body, and also doing some of the exercises in WoD/the OAA stuff, to rebalance a bit from years of only working with “the light.”

It’s very important to have a kind of routine, or at least a daily thing you can draw on and practice, even if you do it at different times of the day - IMO anyway.