Magi Babble

Beware of Magi-Babble.

Magi Babble is a word used in Writing but I think it works for the Esoteric.

"Magibabble much like Technobabble uses words and concepts that we might recognise to ‘explain’ something, while it doesn’t actually mean anything in- universe.

Magibabble is almost never good. It’s usually used to justify contrived instances of magic."

I’m sure you’ve all read similar things in fluff occult works.

This is just a friendly reminder for things to look out for when reading or listening to people in the occult, and really just in general.

Thats all. :grin: :v:




“I have now balanced the triangular energy field of my supreme being, the chakras are now opened. The stones of power are now sealed.” :rofl:

As you can see this babble is full incoherency, and does not explain anything. :rofl:


LMFAO… great example @Myrddin, loving the pic also. It made my “supreme being” lighten up

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Watch out for Magi using so many big words in one sentence. After a few of these it makes the whole thing Babble.


To be honest, posts/texts with too much of this are auto-ignored by my brain unless its an author I have previous positive experience with


Yeah same here.

It’s not just in texts posts or forums, it happens in video and in person too.

For me coherency is the most important thing, in psychology there’s this term called “word salad” and it happens in the occult a lot. :laughing:

Big words are okay as long as the user know what their talking about and sound coherent.

Noticing these things helps one to sift the coals from the diamonds.

  1. Great post buddy. Thanks for the new vocabulary words! :blush:

  2. Please give another example for entertainment purposes :rofl:

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The guy in the pic looks like a happy Muslim doing salaat after bowing in his prayer to Mecca.

Exhibit A

“I have now completed the equilibrium, my higher power will now initiate crystal transcendence of the astral spheroid.”



Example 1: “The bio-electric astral energy field channeled to me by the spirit daemon, Azazel, opened up and cleared the chakras. This further verifies the closer asendancy to the astral realms and dimensions of space-time perception.”

Example 2: “Yes?”

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Hey you leave my Bio-Electricity out of this! :laughing: :rofl:

Everyone do your best Magibabble.

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Love it :rofl:

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Glad to see a post like this.
Lot’s of talk on whats right or wrong, but no real explanation!
I’ll give an example:

Muggle: Never summon an Angel and a Demon in the same room that will always cause neither entity to show up or even fight!

Adept Practioner: Have you actually tried evoking a celestial or an infernal entity within the ritual chamber simultaneously?

Muggle: No…I just read it from a book to not do that.

Adept practitioner: You hear that noise? that’s the sound of existence grunting at your stupidity

The moral here, please refrain from being retarded
don’t make up shit to sound “Magickal”, or more advanced then what you currently are at.
Or speaking as if you know what your talking about.


Wait… you mean someone can write down that they experienced this, talked to that entity, did this ritual which caused results A & B…and it actually just be a load of crap???

Mind BLOWN :dizzy_face:

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This shit is EXACTLY what frustrates the crap out of me!