Madness, darkness and the haul for home

I have seen quite a bit on black magick and the mental illness connection. As someone who knows all too well the mouth of intense psychosis, I’d like to share my own experiences on it and ultimately why I am here… On the left hand path.

I got an early start in the mental health system. Not merely shown how to think, and what was normal… But done so while I watching staff hold down screaming children, 4 on one in order to forcefully inject them with drugs… But somehow a baseball player is the only suitable Halloween costume because it’s not offensive and doesn’t stimulate the little crazies; but you know what really makes me fucking crazy?

Illusions. Hypocrisy mired in a false sense of pretentious pseudo outrage and so-called political correctness designed not for peace or progress, but… Control. The kind of control demanded only by narcissistic sociopaths.

But this begs the all too familiar question: What is “Normal”?

Cue Twilight Zone Theme

Imagine of you will, a world run by narcissists. A system of control that watches your every move, hears your every word and is taking notes.

It’s this. So it is mad to question the status quo, to see what is really there. To take the reins and worst, to point it out. Can we all say:

Together Children Cognitive dissonance

Well shit. Not to say that there is no such thing as insanity, or rationality, but rather consider this deeper. It really becomes, at some point, a matter of perspective. It’s all well and good to kill the spider to save the butterfly until you realize that in doing so… You have become the spider.

So then what? What’s the point of this social construct? To keep the bees busy so they aren’t educating themselves ala Fahrenheit 451… And the truth in a mad world is labelled madness by fools that can’t, or won’t keep up…

Now that does leave the issue of suicidal depression, anxiety or even PTSD because you forgot to add the words " Without Horror" to your scrying session and Satan showed you his penis.

The mind, the consciousness is, in many ways, a fragile thing. Easily shattered and more and more difficult to put back together. Especially for some. The pain takes over and becomes your life. Hell can’t be much worse, right?

WRONG! That’s WRONG!! Don’t temp the spirits lest you know no fury! Damn right!

In English… In “SANE” English this means that, though it may be rare… Madness is it’s own ‘Lake of fire’ (Book of Azazel and Necromantic Sorcories). Most people take a razor blade from their elbow to their middle finger or blow their brains out so those brains can be used in an album cover… Tragedy is often fed with tormented Souls with no hope, no love and no reason left to keep climbing the arduous hill…

Others become catatonic and sit there smiling until the die of atrophy for sitting in the same chair by the same window day after wretched fucking day to the sounds of brain damage and eclipse. Others just scream incoherently forever… Everyone dives into the dark and suffocating abyss of self torture and loathing and oh so much “Poor me”…

But every once in a while… One of them just suddenly " Wakes up from the dream". The pain no longer holds the sway and falls away like a dollar store toy soldiers helmet. The fear starts to do the same… Followed by doubt then…

… One illusion after another falls away and you begin to realize that you are only sedated by virtue of your participation in their game. A game you no longer have to take part in and the control panel for this glorious manifestation machine? Your mind. My mind… THE mind.

Going crazy… Is a portal of it’s own and from a magick standpoint… Losing your mind and going with it, without resisting it is a good recipe for a magician that is naturally adept at never accepting first impressions. Look around… Go a little mad and accept that everything is permissible. No exceptions. It’s time to create some genuine, in the flesh titans of esoteric black magick. Werewolves. Supernatural occurrences. Real deal stuff and the best part about being a real magician is being able to laugh at the paranormal investigation shows because you’ve pulled those strings. You’ve seen it in action and been apart of it through divination and soul travel. Through awakening and yet they… The “Muggles” have no idea. And anyone who’s experienced any kind of awakening, (Any real magician, witch etc) knows the difference. They “Document” it with fuzzy photos or a blurred glazing over.

In my case… Losing my shit, being beaten down by life and moving from in patient psychiatric care to… Well, talking madness and magick. Talking and considering genuine power as human beings were born to experience it.

And as for me? I’ve found beauty in the whole process in some astounding places. This video is how I see magick. Relearning to be who we are… Powerful. This is how it feels to me knowing what most are afraid to know.