Madness, and how to effectively deal with it

Are we crazy? Meh, it is likely that by the standards of modern medicine that we are at the LEAST Schizophrenic. We hear voices, speak to things that no one else sees, we believe in magick, Gods, Demons, Angels, the Lo’a, we give ourselves titles such as Necromancer, Witch, Pagan, Heathen, and a number of other titles as well.

So, by standards of modern medicine, we are batshit insane. But that is fine, as we understand our “madness” has physical manifestation. We call to our “hallucinations” and, within weeks, sometimes days, our “hallucination” is made manifest.

Magick is the art of influencing to physical world through manifestation of will according to Crowley, he knew this, we know this, and our descendants will know this.

But, the question is, how do you deal with the voices, the visions, the disturbances. How do you put on the facade of the normal person when your inner god is scratching at the the surface?

You have to maintain an air of sanity, and the best way to do that is to disconnect from the world of magick from time to time. Go fly a kite, go to the range, go into the woods, go see a movie, or simply go take a nap. You have to understand that, in your current incarnation/form, you have limits, and the mortal mind simply can’t handle 24/7 immersion in the spiritual plane.

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I was waiting for this kind of post coming for you, brother. Everything that you said, I totally agree. Also, one of the ways to treat madness is like meditating and putting that madness into a piece of paper at the same. You aknowledge it and you write it into pice of paper but you treat it like a passerby. That´s what I do and and I understand that it´s not always the matter of one size fits all´´ but I recommend trying it. I also recommend keeping a diary where youcatalog´´ your madness, does wonders and eventually you become powerfull for it.


I love somebody talking about this.

There is certain states and forms of insanity, that can be controlled by the person himself and some that can’t no matter if they’re harmful or not. Also the concept of madness is a very tricky one. It’s not a ‘sickness’ that can be diagnosed with blood samples and exams. Who really knows for sure, if for example everyone that is not out of their minds is just retired or kinda blind. There is a huge amount of studies on at least ADHD and schizophrenia, that suggest the patient has no way of knowing or separating the ‘real experiences’ from the ‘fake’ ones. Many lunatics I’ve met -magic users or not- are super intelligent. Lots of artists and scientists are rumored to be mad.
I’m not saying they should stop locking up psychotic murderers or giving meds to people who need them to get a hold of their lives -no. But sometimes I get frustrated by the fact of how many cases there are that get handled wrong or against humane deliberation. Through the history, but also shockingly recently.

I know my point-flow may sound a bit off/weird in itself and I apologize for that. I’m not the greatest at forming my posts.


It is a subject that I discuss a lot, madness, also because I have the habit of talking with real madmen, psychiatric patients, and people criticize me and always tell me to be careful, to the folly of others. As if mine were harmless. I always thought it was much more crazy to think that everything is reduced to the simple case that sees part of primates evolving in Sapiens and so on. That we are only flesh, electricity, that we will die and become rotten flesh and dust, and that life is just a useless journey, a setback on the road to death. This is madness. And dullness. Among other things for millennia the so-called follies were considered divine, even today in some tribal societies the mentally ill are through the divine. For millennia all that now is madness was the norm, now it is only inverted. For millennia they spoke face to face with the gods, who walked among the people, who were the people. Nature spoke with man, they lived in harmony and harmony. In conclusion. I like crazy people, of all kinds. I like being crazy and that people consider me crazy is a great excuse to give me some oddities, just smile and nod and all is well. Basically we all wear masks in front of others, to survive. It is enough to always stay centered, self-conscious, and you can also calculate and act on the impression that others have of us.


Insanity, i.e. psychosis, is a state in which one is suffering DELUSIONS OR HALLUCINATIONS, I.E. BELIEFS OR EXPERIENCES DIVORCED FROM REALITY. DIVORCED FROM REALITY is the key turn of phrase and delineation here. I went insane and suffered an acute psychotic episode during my initiatory crisis. later I formed beliefs about the experience that were not delusional, because they accounted for what happened in ways no others could.

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