Made the circle

35 sheets of A4 paper stuck together. The printer seems to have a problem printing in black but oh well. Had to do a lot of cutting and glueing today.


Wtf that looks so clean you can’t even tell that the lines are on different papers it just looks so smooth


Good work :metal::metal::metal::metal:


Looks great. Towards the end, looks like you need to get another ink cartridge or toner.

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I really should work on my circle some more…


You could have purchased black paper, and then design the Universal circle in a red color mixed with own blood, that what you have done was epic.

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Looks great, i did mine by freehand paint on a piece of fabric.
Only thing that would worry me with this is that it may be a little fragile being that its paper.
If you wanna add streanght to it then perhaps get some paper used to cover flora when painting and get a piece long and wide enough to clue your circle on. Then its 2 layers and the cover papper is fairly strong and will give it a natural curve so the circle can easily be rolled up and put away when you are done with your working.
Oh and yes dont forget the blood for activating(:

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I’ve purchased mine from the Balg catalogue, it is awesome i also have activate it with my own blood i used a lance and set it at the deapest setting, and push the button on the lance and presto.

Do you pay customs duty and taxes ?

No just USD to AUD.

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