Made a sigil to get a friend worked

Awhile back i used a sigil generator to make a sigil on my phone to get a friend back who i haven’t heard from in months, i meditated on the sigil abunch of times and lit a candle ontop of it then hid it in some art the otherday i uploaded onto my Facebook which got 60likes and abunch of views. Today she messaged me to congratulate me on getting my Estrogen prescription and talked to me abit and now we’re going to get coffee next week and catch up. It’s amazing because for a year she ignored me and wouldn’t talk to me, then literally the day after i uploaded this picture she is messaging me and trying to be friends again. This is the quickest reaction i have ever had from a spell and am so surprised it even worked.


Wow that’s awesome! Can I see the sigil?

I don’t like posting sigils on this site out of respect for others because allot of people hide malicious ones. The more i have progressed on my own craft the more i have changed on the way i do things and have set rules for myself one of which is to not post sigils on this site because others tend to not trust random Sigils.


That’s understandable

Here, Jane. This is a sigil generator. Keep in mind that some thing should be done by had as part of the needed preparation (different per person and request, until a usable, personal system is developed).

Use it at will. After all, if you have to repeat a ritual several times (or once!) you’re still ahead when it manifests. Just let it go as necessary.