Made a connection - Asmodeus

I had been trying to figure out the signs I was getting through tarot and flame, amongst other things. I posted a quick five card spread I had found and the results I received in the journal topic to just put down my findings and look back as I gathered more information.

Tonight, I felt a very strong urge to do a pendulum reading, so I set up my things and got to work. Through my research, it seemed like a heavy possibility that Asmodeus was trying to contact me / wanted to work with me or teach me. I have never invoked or evoked, and I’m still training my senses until I feel more confident in my ability, though, so I wasn’t entirely sure. Let’s just say I asked and received a very clear yes tonight! I am very excited to speak with him again soon, as I had to cut things short tonight due to having company over and wanted to speak again and more in depth when I had time to be alone.

He had a very laid back presence, which I had heard from others who have worked with him. Definitely stayed respectful, though. He did joke a bit and even seemed like he wanted to keep talking toward the end even though I needed to go - though I did make sure we had covered everything he needed to tell me before I ended the session as respectfully as I could. He did not seem upset, just a little disappointed if that makes sense. I’ve heard from others that sometimes the hand shakes a bit more when communicating with him through pendulum, and I definitely noticed this when I did tonight.

If anyone who has been working with Asmodeus for some time now has any advice to offer, I’d be more than glad to hear it. I also intend to ask him if he would prefer I address him with honorifics - but if any of you know for sure, feel free to correct me and I will absolutely edit my post.

All in all, very excited. :blush: :black_heart: Thanks for reading my drabble.