Lusting for results

For example, if you desperately want to sell your novel, you can still want that with all your heart. But if you’ve performed magick to get your novel published, you cannot sit around hoping that the magick has worked. You need to keep your focus on the feeling of your desire having come to pass, and take your focus off the magick you’ve completed.

Does that mean, I can still think about something as much as I want but I can’t wonder if the magic is making it work ?

I am wondering that too

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Yes, as long as you are not attached to the outcome. You do the magick, follow up with any mundane steps required, and let things fall as they may.

In your example of getting a novel published, you would send your manuscript out, perform any magick to help it along, and then turn your attention to your next project. You can still think about getting published, but it should be like a daydream, with no emotion attached to it. That’s why it is helpful to turn your mind to another project. It is the desperation of attachment that will negatively affect the magick. It’s best to assume the feeling of being a published author, rather than always thinking about getting published. If you have already been published, it’s not likely you will be too attached to getting published again, ant that is the kind of non attachment you want to cultivate.

The problem is most people cannot bring their desire to mind constantly without becoming emotionally invested in it.


I’ll pm you about something .

Here’s the trick to get your magick to work.

Don’t lust for it actually forget that you did or at least try.
Your conscious thoughts will likely get in the way of the spell working.

And work extra hard for what your spells intention was for originally.
That’s what works for me.

Attach a lot of symbolism to your spell as well as a strong will and intention
Go all out.


Not exactly that, but close. You need to accept that the thing has come to pass and is done, then your mind can naturally move on with life and the forgetting happens.

This is one of the benefits of daily practice that many never consider. When you are doing some kind of ritual every single day, and mixing in the profound ones into the mix right along with the simpler ones, you eventually lose track of what you did, which aids in the forgetting, or at the very least you have cast enough where the result of any one ritual is less likely to be on the forefront of your mind. This is also why keeping notes is important. Once you get good at forgetting you will want to have a reference so you can compare results, techniques, etc, after manifestation.

The same general principle works in my chaos sigil practice. I create the sigil, pre-charge, and put it into a folder until I can’t remember what the sigil means to my conscious mind. Then I let it loose. The results are always incoming, lol, and the surprise is nice.


Here is a thread i posted. It is not exactly dedicated to your question but if you read all of the comments as well you will see the answer