Lustful Addiction

"Her gentle skins, so fragile
Bruising from my heavy hand,
Eyes so lifeless, without me being near
Excitement, Pain, Pleasure
With a dash of moral fear

I cannot stop, for I yearn
As much as she yearns for me
We both unchained our monsters
Now our demons are forever set free

The pleasure so erotic
Pain so thrilling
The fight of the alphas howl
A bond so demonic
That it’s sin is killing
The arrow from Cupid’s bow

We touch
There’s a rush
We clutch
Our hearts are shut
This carnal lust
Is like hellfire burning between us
I’m a mut
She becomes my slut
From dusk till dawn
We continue to fuck

Animalistic eurphoira
Within a sexual carnage
Is a blissful soulful escape
I beat her to submission
She beats me back
The savage alphas,
Keep raising the steaks

Is it wrong, is it right
Such morals cannot apply
As my hands grace up her thighs
The devils in our eyes
Just whisper their forbidden delights".


Fuck I keep reading this :relieved:


Thank you :blush:

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Entry Two.

Sex with the devil.

" her body is sex

hips to waist

hour glass figure

innocent face

gentle touch

evil stare

if you dare

seductive yet subtle

slowly devouring

your soul

its suicide sexy

out of control ".


Entry Three - My own poem.

I Can’t Stop.

" She cums, I cum
Our fountain of youth
Rains from her abyss
As our euphoria
Reaches the heavens.

I’m not done, far from done
The mountain rains with her juice
Trickling from her thighs
As our inner demons lock eyes
More lust than the whore
Of the Armageddon

She pants exhausted,
However neither of us give in
For we drown in the flood
No one has haulted
The passion of skin
For we dine on saliva, cum and blood ".


:heartpulse:I love it​:heartpulse: