Lust Spell StoryTimes

Hey Guys And Gals. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and I was wondering if anybody could share a story on a time that they did a lust spell on someone. What was the results? What spell was used? I love details and long stories. Thanks guys


The medium of the spell doesn’t always matter unless you are invoking something elses power. As long as you’re sure that you’re using all of yours there’s no issue.

One of my favorite lust spells is like so, and only works if you can touch someone (spiritually probably works too):

Feel the blood in your veins. Make your heart beat quicken. Gently touch/hold the hand (or any part of their body) of the person you would like to use this on. You made a connection.

This will get gears turning. Whatever they have on their mind, somewhere lust will be involved. Had some cute stuff happen because of this. Of course, that was my boyfriend.

You look cute, by the way.

Bit boring of a story but gave “my boy” a special hair cut lol. Saved some.

He was working (out driving truck) and I took a bit and put it in a red candle and lit it. He came home horny as a tom cat. Afterwards lol, I asked him “What got into you” Said it just hit him all of a sudden while he was driving. I asked about what time. Yep, exactly when I lit the candle.

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An ex of 4 years, I put an intention that I want her to get close to me while going on a weekend trip with friends ( yes we’re still friends after breaking up, and we are in the same group of friends ), that same night I used one of those spells here in the forum about rubbing the thumb and such, next thing I know she joins me in the couch where I am supposed to be sleeping and cuddles and her hands wander…She’s engaged btw, so I didn’t take it further :smiley: Was just a trial and it worked so…

It’s a fun spell. I always find it a bit amusing when you see girls get effected by it. That look :eyes: on thier face when they are hit by that surge of energy and then trying hard to hide it.

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YAS! Fun thing is that we were sharing the same couch, so it was fun feeling her moving around trying to stop herself

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Ironically enough that just makes the spell even more potent😝

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