Lust for rich guys

How easy would it be for a demon to bring girls to a rich guy ? Would the demon be willing to help anyways ?

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The demons name is Dollar.

Below is its sigil. Just tell our bank balance to money digger kinda gals and they will be all over you.




As you have money, be more social, go to clubs or something, any spirit that deals with women will hook you up with someone. Dont forget to open sigil of the spirit though :wink:

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The almighty demon. His name is internet.


Lol it’s not me . I’m not rich . I was just curious if they would be willing to help a rich man .

Why wouldn’t they? The spirits will work for anyone who calls upon them, whether rich, poor, handsome or ugly. We have people on this forum hurling curses for the stupidest of reasons, and if the spirits don’t have a problem with that kind of behavior, why would they have an issue with a rich man calling upon their aid?


Sums up almost every post about curses here


A rich anything would not need demonic assistance to acquire hangers on of any description - all you need is to flash your wealth unwisely and they’ll come running ready to divest you and assist you in spending your wealth on themselves or their own extended social circles.

For some men it’s like having a hobby or a pet - the pet makes the mistake of thinking it’s got a relationship when in actual fact it’s a business transaction. Incidentally I’d be wary of advertising that site here - it may be mistaken for an endorsement.

You could equally say lust for rich women.

The reality is this, you are treating sex as a trading commodity and for that magick isn’t required.

It’s a modern politically correct word for those who don’t like the word - prostitute.

I don’t have a problem with working girls and boys, they’re the ones who get themselves checked out for illnesses but these girls and boys think they’re exclusive and special, well you’re not. Your sugar daddy might compromise your fertility for the price of a pair of Louboutins by giving you chlamydia.


It’s always easy to find someone who wants to hook up.

You want something deeper that’s where you’re going to have trouble.

Lust is easy. Love is hard and it’s painful and beautiful and well worth having in your life but it can’t be bought or forced, only it’s illusion can be acheived that way.

If Love is what you’re after you can ask the spirits to steere you and a good match for you into each others lives but I would go with a Deity of your preferred pantheon on the matter instead of a Demon if you wish to go that route.

For simply enhancing your lust: Sitri , Belial

Gremory can put a glamour on you to make you look more conventionally attractive if you are insecure about your looks.

How effective they will be is less about your bank account and more about avenues open. If someone is wealthy but a total shut in they aren’t going to have much to work with. If you’re getting out and socializing then they can do something as far as lustful attraction goes.