Lust Familiar

Whew, now that was intense and had to have been the longest ritual I’ve done in a while. For a while I have wanted to create a lust familiar and at the behest of both; Lord Asmodeus and Lilith. I finally; got my ass around and did so. I followed most of the steps to creating my lust familiar in Asenath Mason’s book of Rituals of Pleasure. However; when I spoke to Lilith a fortnight ago. She requested that I change it up a little and make it my own ritual in my own right. Furthermore; as she told me, “finally deciding to clean up your mess eh?” I’m not joking, she actually said that, or that’s what my intuition told me. So, what do I mean by that? Well, let me take you through the ritual.

So, I first started out by invoking Asmodeus into me as it was his request when I spoke to him nearly a month ago to be the one that I assume the god form of. After doing so, I then created the shell of my familiar by giving it it’s name, assigning the tasks that it would carry out, it’s form, etc. When I spoke with Asmodeus, he gave me a gnosis at creating a lust familiar that I didn’t think about before. This is what he said to me, “Ryu, lust doesn’t just mean the lust for sexual intercourse. It also means for other things such as a lust for wealth, power, knowledge, and even the destruction of your enemies. Incorporate these into creating your lust familiar and you’ll have yourself one powerful familiar of lust at your beckon call.” I honestly never thought of something like that until he told me so and it made perfect sense.

Anyway; after doing so, I then proceeded to the next part of the ritual. Which was literally; bringing my familiar to life in the astral plane through orgasm. Before doing that though, we now enter where Lilith’s words come into play. When I spoke to her, she said that she and her sisters, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat, and Eisheth Zanuium would gather all of my children in the astral realm that have been created over the many years through shear orgasmic pleasure and served no purpose. However; tonight, I gave them all a purpose as they would give my familiar immaculate power. This is what she meant when she said, “finally, cleaning up your mess eh?” As it was indeed time to do so. Using the Mirror of Lilith that I created a while back. I used it as a gateway to call all of my spiritual children into the world and to assimilate and become one with my new familiar.

I then proceeded to take myself to orgasm. Lilith had one more suggestion to make this even more powerful and that was to call her and her sisters into the ritual to join me in sexual gnosis as the Angels of Prostitution. After about 15 minutes of sexual gnosis, I reached orgasm and brought forth to life my familiar. I could see in my minds eye the beautiful seductress that I had created. Now, I go forth with my familiar to bring the things that I lust for to manifestation. Another key that I added to the tasks for my familiar was assigning certain words of power/commands that would command it to carry out when given so.

Thank you Lord Asmodeus, thank you Lilith and the Angels of Prostitution, and I thank all my astral children for coming together into creating this familiar and for your sacrifice, and now my new familiar. Let us both go forth into the world and bring all that I desire to fruition.


Sounds awesome

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Well it’s a lot of work and responsability having a familiar, oft people are not aware of it.

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True that!