Lurker intro and why I finally joined

Hiya. I’ve referenced this forum for awhile now and usually find what I was curious about already discussed. Ive been interested in all things occult before I knew that was a thing and people had internet in their homes. Ive slowly forged my own path, and for many years my primary focus has been internal growth.

Ive always had random spirits show up. Last week I just heard a calm male voice “well, I killed myself today” and I just popped my eyes open right away. I think I know who he was aftwr googling, so no further details on that guy. When I went back to bed I heard a doorbell, to which I said “No, Im closed!” And then everything was quiet. Im telling you all this for context, this type of thing is pretty normal, but recently increased seemingly in response to some GoM rituals Ive done.

So, this past week I read B. K.s Lilith book. I purposely didnt read through the entire prayer or ritual words. Despite that, in the middle of the night, a womans voice and presence calm. This felt nothing like the fear inducing being I thought she would be. I vaguely remember a conversation about that as well. Then when I woke up I just clearly heard a womans voice say “love”. Thats it. I decided Ill just sit on that experience and read more before I actually call upon her, if I decide to. If that even truly was her.

Now, 3 days later. I wake up with the name “Beleth” nothing else. Ive never worked with Beleth. I had to pull out my books to even recall any information about Beleth.

So here I am because I suspect its time to learn more from others who may relate. So Im going to search the forum for similar experiences and would love to know if anyone has insight.



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Welcome to BALG, interesting story and intro.

If you have questions about your experience, please check out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find the answer.

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Welcome to the forum.

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