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I am going to document my way through the Mastering Divination course. Here I intend on keeping record of my progress and results. I welcome comments and suggestions from those who are also working this program.

A little about me first. I bought my first witchcraft book out of the back of a comic book, Some title by the Frost’s. Gave a few of the things a whirl without much result. Then I went into the Army as an Airborne Infantry medic and lost my way do to my over fondness of alcohol. In 2005 I began my path once again. I’ve explored many of the paths of the Craft and have been initiated into the Craft. Divination has been something I have not bothered with much. I do now realize it’s importance in the work (along with spiritual bathing and meditation, both I blew off in my early years). So the time has come to get my act together and learn this piece of the Arte. I am looking forward to moving on from this to the Evocation training since I have a strong interest and have been dabbling with that already. I love E.A.'s books!

So here’s where I am to date. I have watched the intro, modules 1 & 2. I have a couple experiences prior with the spirit board and have used the pendulum many times. I made a spirit board today as suggested in the videos, I have a spirit to work with me on it. I have not used it other than to confirm the spirit is willing. I will put those results out after I work it at least 5 times. I am going to use the pendulum in my Reiki practice for awhile to see what I glean from it’s use. So there you go. I hope others will participate and share their progress and results.

Blessings upon you for health, wealth and joy!