Lunia's Free Tarot Readings (Read first!)

Hello everyone!

I am in the mood to do some more free Tarot readings.

:sunny: About me :sunny:
I do Tarot Readings. (A.E. Waite)
I specialize in readings about relationship matters (not only love), but I can do other topics as well.
Job/Career, love in general, spell work etc.
My focus is on helping you solve your problems - like what could you do, what is someone else feeling, what are your/their feelings deep inside etc.
I don’t give exact time frames because I think waiting for something like that destroys it. Also time depends on many things. Sometimes I can see near future or long future etc though.

:dizzy: Rules: :dizzy:
Please write a comment in this thread and as soon as I like your comment, you can send me a PM.
I will take 5 readings for the start (first come - first serve). When I am done with the 5, I might do more, maybe in the next days also. I will go down the comments.

:white_heart: I prefer readings for people that offer me something in return for my readings (as readings take enegy)
(Tarot, Channeling, Spells, Scrying, Pendulum, Clairaudience, Visions etc.).
So if you would like to do something in exchange, please tell me what you could do.
If you can offer me a reading - or something that could be interesting - in exchange, you can send me a PM right away, without waiting for the “like”. :white_heart:

I am sorry, but I will ignore PM’s without any offering that were send to me before I liked your comment, because I am asking for this to keep my PM-box managable.

+++ When you send me a PM, PLEASE put your name into the title!
(For example “Reading / Lunia”) - this would be really helpful :heavy_heart_exclamation: :slight_smile: +++

My readings are not short and I answer questions so please give me some time :wink:

:star: What I need from you for my readings :star:
I need your first name.
If other people were involved, I also need their first namens.

I would also like to know how old you are (and them).
I need a little background information (when you are asking about a specific person for example, tell me if it’s your ex, your boyfriend, your crush etc.)
I also need a question.
Also it would be good to know your gender - for the interpretation of the cards and the connection.

Thank you for your trust. :gem:
Feedback is always appreciated! :revolving_hearts:


May I have one?

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I would like one

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Hey @Lunia. I’d like one too, if you don’t mind.

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I’d like one! :slight_smile:

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I want to remind those who have not been here long, @anon59474123, @r0ar1ngram, and @anon88521623 that the OP is looking for an exchange, and we have a rule prohibiting new members from offering any sort of reading or ritual for 90 days, and that includes in exchange and PM. Doing so is in breach of that rule.


Thank you :smile:
I also do readings without exchange. They didn’t offer me anything.
But I would also love to get something back in return from older members as I think it’s great to learn more from other people and it’s so interesting to see other people’s work, the way they read etc.
And as I don’t want to bother people I think it’s a good idea to exchange our abilities if someone is interested. :four_leaf_clover:


Hello I had a great reading from another member last week, but because of the importance of the situation I would like to get one from you as well for reassurance if possible thanks.

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I would love a reading, but have nothing to offer.

Be blessed.

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I would love a general love reading. I did a divination on myself recently and was told that i am going to meet my girlfriend (soul mate) this year. The question is how am i going to meet her, or have i met her already. How long more till i am going to cross paths with her once again.

My magick prowess is not that developed yet, hence wouldn’t be able to do a reading for you in return. My first name is Ray. Thanks you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello @StrengthenedWarrior

You can look into this thread where some people gave feedback about my readings :slight_smile:

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can i have a reading in exchange for a drawing?
ive been doing it for years so i feel like i have a baseline of stuff with it more then that?

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Hello Lunia

i would like a reading from you but cant offer anything more than sending some energies over to you. :blush:

Thanks in advance

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I would like one, please xoxo

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Hello… If you are still offering, may I please receive one? The only thing I can offer is recognition and to reference people to seek you out for readings.

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Hello everyone,

I am sorry I didn’t get back to you yet - I had to work a lot the last days. Now I will have a look into my PM‘s and will do the readings soon! :slight_smile:


Hello @Lunia , can I also ask for reading if you get to me in your busy program? Thank you.

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I’ll take you up on the offer. Do you do readings for questions about one’s own personal issues as well rather than just interpersonal?

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Sorry I posted in the other thread then I’ve read your comment and found this new one. I’d love to receive a reading as well if possible, of course. Good luck to you

Could I please have a (general) reading on my love life and what if any blockages there are?