Lungs problems

i have a family with lungs problems ,the doctor find something on the lungs,they say he is in a bad situation that he might dead soon.
yall have any advice what i can do to help remotely ?

You can call upon Raphael and Marbas to heal him. They work well together.


I made this sigil to cure pneumonia. It worked far better than expected and it seems to be good for anything involving the lungs or respiration in general.

Now how you use it is looking at it you can see how its shape can kind of overlap the respiratory system so you project its energy to do so and feed it. See it a soothing liquid light and waves of vibration that reverse and heal the damage to the lungs restoring them to their prime while also consuming and feeding off the affliction growing stronger as it does its work.


President Buer also

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thank you i will test it out

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