Lunar mansions?

Is there an easy way to figure out what mansion of the moon is in authority on a particular day?

It looks like this stuff would vary from month to month based on what part of the Zodiac the moon is traveling through.

Are there any traditional ways to invoke the rulers of these mansions.
I bought a talisman and I am told a good way to keep it active and happy is to do something devotional for the ruler of the mansion it was created in.
Could i just go through Gabriel on a Monday? Or is it better to figure out how to burn a candle or something for these rulers directly.

Days don’t really matter. You really have no idea what day of the week it is. Unless you’re going to backtrack and eliminate every leap year since the Gregorian calendar standard and even then there’s probably other variables.


I guess I will just have to know what zodiac sign it is in and figure it out from there.

I was hoping there was an app type ephemeris that would tell me which mansion was “in power” on any particular day.

I haven’t seen one you’ll probably have to look up the astrological degrees daily and then whatever the entities they correspond to. If you do find an app tag me.

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Do lunar mansions have spirits you can try and connect with?

I bought a moon mansion talisman from Christopher Warnock, suppose to be rennaisance astrologer. He says that you can keep the talisman going/effective longer by communicating with the spirits in it. So, how would I figure out how to interact with whoever/whatever rules a lunar mansion.
I assumed I would do it like you would with a planet and the Chaldean hours but this seems a little more difficult and I cant figure out if each mansion has a ruler or not.

So for like the moon a hierarchy might be Shadddai El Chai > Gabriel (does the mansion ruler go here or is there a mansion ruler. does he even interact with Kabbalah type gods)

any ideas? and thanks

This website also seems to offer the mansions everyday up to January 2022 with GMT, you should be able to convert them to your time zone. This website is a calculator you can use.

The seven days of the week, however, do have Archangels assigned to them, and if you desire to contact Gabriel, while technically any day is fine, Monday would be better in general.

Magic and rituals helps when things are layered but that doesn’t make them worthless if not. Gabriel can be evoked any day, Mondays make it better, Mondays at the right hour would make it even better, but again that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to fail or he’ll ignore you.

I hope these are at least somewhat helpful; sorry, I’m otherwise not very well versed on Lunar Mansions.

Edit: Oh, to add, perhaps you can use the calculator to determine the mansion in your area right now, then with that knowledge guess using the calculator when the next proper mansion would be (i.e. if its the 28th and you need, say, the 5th, count five days ahead and check it on the calculator)

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Has anyone informed archangels that are thousands upon thousands of years old to adopt the Gregorian calendar? Today might really be Sunday.


Different people use different calendars and these entities belong in their specific paradigms, therefore Christian and Jewish entities are to be utilized using the proper Christian or Jewish calendar. Just because it doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to someone else.

I’m just curious why an entity that’s over 100,000 years old would suddenly decide to adopt a schedule based on a calendar that’s less than 2,000 years old. The entities also predate Christianity. What’s your theory? Did the entities adapt to humans current standard? Is it the magicians belief it will be more powerful on a certain day the factor?

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They could very well be created by human consciousness. Why would they bother with beings like us in the first place? They don’t have to and yet here they all are enamored by our infantile states. They have corresponding dates, they have corresponding days, weeks, months, planets, hours for a reason. Traditional ways have worked and they have worked for a reason.

Days of the week are incredibly important to a great many cultures and arguing semantics about creationism is just plain rude and dismissive to the power of traditional culture. Besides, Lunar Mansions are part of astrology, dates and times are the entire point.

Only when they’re properly calculated. Taking into account for the degrees and correspondences with an actual chart.

Saying an entity is strongest on monday or a certain date completely disregards the actual planetary correspondences and is more like getting your horoscope from a newspaper where they put all Aries into a single box and not an actual calculated chart.

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As for moon mansions talisman maybe best way to figure best time for contact is time when moon is in this particular mansion, and you should also consider if it have no aspects from malefic planets (Saturn, Mars). For this you can use astrology program. I use ZET 9, it is free to download and use, and you can display moon mansion on chart.


That’s why calculators and apps are helpful

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Yeah it’s one of the things that always frustrated me about things like Goetic holidays. For example next year on April 8th Jupiter won’t be in 24° 47’ Aquarius.

If you ever find an app or website that plants charts and lists entities peaking in power based on the chart please contact me. It’s driven me mad at one point.

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maybe you can ask jason to make an app. he did a good job programming the forum

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Now i have a question. I plan to do lunar third mansion talisman on 12 April, and election is almost perfect: Moon in that particular mansion, on hour where it is on Medium Coeli, separating sextile with Jupiter and applicating conjunction with Venus, no malefic planets are involved.
Except that it will have separating conjunction with Sun, and that means the moon will be combusted. On other hand it is New moon, which is one of the most powerful Lunar phases.
What do you think, give it a shot?

looks like I screwed that up. Why was I thinking Jason. What I meant was @Timothy.

Astrology is based on the movement of the planets. Keeping track of the movement of the planets is something that is a simple math problem. Very easy for a computer to do. But you also have to have an understanding of the rest of it. I have never heard of lunar mansions before this topic.

I could go to NASA website and get info about the movements of the planets and all the 200+ moons and make a nice program that keeps track of the exact position of all of them (probably can get a program off the internet that already does that), but I dont have a clue how it related to lunar mansions.

Need somebody that knows both astrology and computer programming to do that. @Timothy is the only one that I know that would know both… of course getting an app approved to be put on the app store of Apple or Google is a process in itself. :man_shrugging:t3: Who knows if he has time for that

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Yeah, I think Crowley was on the right path when he reconfigured the ‘Goetic Holy Days’ and probably would’ve changed the game if he had access to a computer.

Here is the first mansions coordinates:
1st House Al-Sharatain Angel is Geniel 0° Aries – 12° 51’ 26’’ Aries

Is there any phone app or software that can tell me where the moon is at in the Zodiac?
mooncalendar.astro-seek(.)com will do it but it is not very portable.

Is Azimuth related to this? Or is there something also related that I can use to track it in a portable “app” type program.