Lunar eclipse and mantras

Guys, lunar eclipse is coming and its going to be a 6 hour eclipse. Any mantra chanted once in a eclipse is counted as 100. ( debatable, but this seems to be the closest approximate). So if you want the full power of any mantra, chant it during the eclipse. Example, if mantra has to be chanted 300000 times, chanting it 3000 times during an eclipse will be enough to activate it. There are multiple reasons for why this happens, and if you guys are interested i will explain you the reason too.


Okay tell me the reason

The force of a man’s self identification is kundalini, which resides inside the spine in subtle form. It is pulled and kept grounded due to the subtle aspect of gravity. During an eclipse, there is a shift in earth’s gravity, which lessens the force on the pull on kundalini, allowing you to pull it upwards though the chakras more easily.

It is also related to the karmas present in the subtle body. Do select a mantra and chant it during the eclipse


By this law is any sadhana done in space even more powerful?