Lunar cycle, ritual and libido

Is there a connection?

I feel extra aroused daily, constantly, if I am keeping up with a lot of rituals and spellwork. It’s strange. What goddess have I attracted.

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Doesn’t this depend on the spirits you are working with?


I work with the Fae

Look at your astrology chart :man_shrugging:t3:

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Good point

Isn’t there some way to divert this energy into a practice or method that is useful?

Yea but it’s extremely complicated to explain but you can figure out which demons and angels are in it bu thine/sextile square/opposites etc

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The Walpurgis magical night is near. The sabbath and its fleshly delights. One of the most powerful and important nights of the satanic/luciferian year like Samhain. As Above so Below, so Below as Above

Beelzebub goity Beelzebub beity!

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