Lucy's lunatic Dream journal

So I’m going to keep my more vivid and relevant dreams in here.

The other day I spent a good chunk researching into certain daemons and deities. Key one being Asmodeus. (Ive been a bit apprehensive in working with him as I thought he was potentially behind some seriously lousy luck I have had in the past. Although it seems it was an ex relative who was the main cause of the issue.)
Anyway I spent a good amount of time reading up on him and admiring his sigil. Its rather pretty, much like astaroths is pretty to me.

So that night I had an interesting dream. I kept seeing asmodeus sigil in my dream, (really not that interesting maybe since I spent a good amount of time reading up on him earlier that day. Subconscious release maybe) what was most interesting was that the dream and sigil was detailed enough for me to recall easily in the morning.
In this dream was also belial and azazels sigil. And their names along with asmodeus kept popping up in my dream. Right along with the sigils. I didn’t see them in any forms that I can recall. And I would wake up after each time their names and sigils appeared. Then go back to sleep in the same dream. Always trippy when that happens. The final time I woke up was at 3 am. and right before that in my dream I saw the sigils in pink ink on white paper and heard their names very distinctly and very vividly. Like someone was speaking directly in my ear and moving my head and eyes so they wpuld focus and pay attention to what was being presented…apparently I’m even lazy in my dreams.

Not the most exciting dream I know but definitely interesting.

I also had a decently interesting dream on Saturday after I did an invocation to namaah and astaroth. I used VK’s invocation rite and damn did I feel that one. I have never felt energy like that before when invoking. Serious shivers and synchronicity. And to compare it to astaroths where I just used the enn and sigil it was a vastly noticible difference in energies. I also saw them remove some parasitic entity that has been feeding on me.

Anyway that night I also had a pretty restless sleep. I don’t recall my exact dream as its been almost a week since, but again both namaahs and astaroths names showed up in my dreams that night. Wether coincidence or synchronicity or direct contact I dont know. But they were pretty cool non the less.

Ive noticed some really good progress sonce starting my shadow work, reading books on hypnosis and nlp. Reading up on certain visualization techniques and astral travel has also started to produce some good advances for me. Granted it is all dependant on wether or not i can get disciplined enough to stick to basic meditation and journaling. Which is easier now that I make a goal for each mediation. Hoping to get to the point where I can astral or soul travel at will without having to spend 40 min getting to the right state first.

Again practice, consistency, and discipline are the key to success…and here I sit on my lazy know it all ass…posting on this wonderful forum because refer back to lazy ass.


I used VK’s invocation rite and damn did I feel that one.
@Lucy88 were did you find VK invocation would be interesting to try that one after reading about your experience with it ?

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@Bordicum I found it on his newer website And yeah i plan on using some more of his works here in the future. So far from what I have listened to from him and read he seems pretty well versed in the craft and he has a pretty good no bull attitude.

I’m always open to listening to new sources of info. I like to keep my mental pond sourced from fresh running water lol

Also the fact that i had that kind of immediate response and sensation was really refreshing because ive been having issues with sensing energies by just using the enn and sigil method. My mind is still too cluttered and his process helps me clear it better. It slightly reminds me of old Roman Catholic ritual prayers and hymns (he uses some Latin and mostly daemonic tounge of some such for the rites, but he also breaks them down word for word which is very nice). Which is the only thing I miss from my days as a Catholic lol. Ex choir girl here 🤦


Get a dedicated leather journal cover and a special dedicated pen to write on. there is no substitute for actual real life writing. The pen is mightier than the sword. I just got mine and i don’t want to touch it. It looks sooo neat and new. haha. Just gotta figure out what to do with it. My notes are all over the place. many subjects in one book. I should be more organized and dedicate each notebook to each subject.

Maybe i should cast spell on my new metal pen rotring 600 . Anything i write will come true. haha. Let’s just make it a magickal pen related only to magick stuff. =o)

Asmoday is gambling demon so maybe he can help with money luck. He’s also demon of lust so he can help you with excitement in the bedroom wiith your hubby.

Also, reframe that lazy word. When people say that to me. I tell them. I’m not lazy. I just know how to relax and chill out. =oP Everyone needs a break here and there.

In massage school they teach you to touch client nonstop when doing massage. Always have one hand on the client from beginning of session to end. however, i found different. You have to not constantly touch the client. Each time you untouch after some work. The body will adjust. If you keep hands there at all times, it gets in the way of the body healing or rebalancing/ making adjustments. Sometimes constant touch is not good. The break time give body time to readjust/realign. So in your studies and learning. Sometimes you need a break for the information to organize.


Last few nights entries.

Thursday nights dream
I witnessed my friends as youth’s. They are a married couple who are both Gemini, both born on the same day. Just a few years apart. Both have the same names. One female variation the other the male.

In this dream they were maybe 8 or 9 yearrs old. They lived in a house of squalor, filled with people who would hurt them. They were forced to sleep on the floor in the dirtiest room. constantly being tormented by the others in the house. The male always protected the female.

My dream then went to the current now, different cityscape and houses. But same time line. I was in their home. They had made me and children part of their family. My female friend had bought us all gifts. She kept Wrapping them and handing them to us. She was particular about making sure we had them for the holidays and especially our birthdays.

During this gift exchange my parents called me and asked me to visit as they had traveled up and were staying at a hotel across town. I took my youngest and left my friends, telling them I would catch up. My parents picked us up, and kept talking about all the things we would do. Soon we got to their hotel and they decided they were too tired to do anything we had talked about and went to sleep. Leaving me and my youngest to stay in their room while they slept. Then i woke up rather upset.

Friday nights dream:
My parents were again in this dream. They were still visitng. They kept trying to get me to come home and kept trying to convert me back to the catholic faith. They were very worried about my soul. I was upset. I told them They had nothing to worry about.

But They wouldn’t stop pestering me. They tried to use my childrens safety against me. I was getting mad. I stormed off to my house and found my husband who was getting dressed and ready for some type of meeting he had to go to.
He turned from the mirror he was getting dressed in front of and snarkaly asked me if i wanted him to handle my parents since i couldn’t be an big girl about it. I rudely told him no and stormed off.
I then met with my parents and explained to them that I was never going to be a Catholic again. I would never believe in that deity again and that as far as we were concerned religiously I was their enemy and they mine. I assured them that i loved them still with all my heart, but I told them “this is my path now, and because our beliefs are what they are, we are enemies now and you must leave. The next time we meet and this is brought up, we will battle”. They left saddened. I was sad i was watched them go.

But as I did, The sky which had been grey and sullen and filled with clouds was parted by the most brillant sun sunset. A most beautiful scene that strikes me even now. The sun shining down on me through parted clouds, as the mist and rain fell around me as i watched my parents leave. It was bitter sweet.

Today: during a meditation on the akashic records. I fell asleep. It was going to happen. The last several nights have been sparse and i have been exhausted. I didnt make it five min into the meditation before I passed out. Waking every so often to the voice guiding the meditation. My dream was interesting.

Two handsome men, myself and my youngest were in a large building. Looked like metal in some areas. It had very Tall doors. The two men had me get my daughter to go to sleep and put her in a crib in a room a few doors down. They left the door open so I could here her. Her guardian was in their with her watching over her.

the two men then took me on a tour of the building. We didn’t get far before they took me to a private room and spoke to me. I dont recall exactly what was said. Their love for me was apparent as was their lust. The both of them cherished me. Then i woke up. Interesting to say the least. I still have no clue what the library is like.


Don’t remember my dreams from the last few nights very well. So I will refrain from adding those. In the meantime here is my new altar set up.

Yes it’s always that acelctic lol. I decided to incorporate freya, astaroth and namaah in this month. I know Asmodeus, Azazel, and Belial have been interested in me lately, I’m not sure if I’m ready for all three of their energy just yet. Maybe soon. 🤷


Freya, Astaroth, Naamah - Asmodeus, Azazel, Belial
Could be there some equivalences?


Your altar is straight up #goals fam.

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Perhaps as far as regarding masculine/feminine energies is concerned. Although I’m thinking belial, azazel, and asmodeus have some different ideas going on lol. I dont know their energy is just so damn intense. I want to have my head right first. But maybe thats why they want to be in my life, to help me get my head right🤷. I just know that those three in particular want to work with me together. Ive been working with belial, he is also pretty damn intense on his own. Maybe those three balance each other out.

Or maybe I need to add in astaroth, namaah, and freya to balance them out🤔 I dunno. I do know I gotta keep doing my shadow work and meditations and journaling. Skipping those was absolutely not the thing to do. Hot damn that was rough.


:hugs::two_hearts: aww thank you!!! I think my husband thought i had something entirely different in mind for its use when he built it. :joy: I was like nope this is for my preciouseseses :rofl:

I’m glad it’s built so sturdy…theres a butt tonn of cyrstals on the top lol

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Last night my dream was more time travel based.

It started off with my self, husband and kiddos eating at a nice restaurant for dinner. We ran into some old acquaintances of his. I didn’t know them. There was a man we will call him Mr.y.

Mr.y told my husband about an issue with a very close friend of his. The man was apparently in some pretty big trouble and Mr.y didn’t know who could help him. Then he saw us and figured we could maybe help him help his friend. The story went that Mr.y’s friend was in Texas. The texas of this dream caused quite an issue for all involved. Apparently in that state of Texas a womans word was law. My husband began to tell Mr.y no but hesitated as Mr.y began to plead to us to keep listening. Apparently this friend had gotten mixed up with a bad woman who had sold him into being a medical guinea pig of sorts for the government. There was no way to get him out short of starting some kind of war. At this point
There was a pause in the whole group because Mr.y. wasnt asking for my husbands help. He was asking for mine. It was told to us that Men couldnt enter the state freely without a female attendant. And that the only way to get in was to sneak in and it had to be some one that they didn’t know by sight. All of Mr.ys group were on the run apparently and seeking asylum at the time.

My husband turned to me and pledingly looked at me. He said “you have to do this. If this man is worth starting a war over to free him, then he is worth risking one to save” I thought about it for a while. Looked at everyone around me, lingering over my children’s faces. I must have agreed because the next thing I knew, I was sneaking out of a under ground tunnel system.

One that led right into a military complex. I had nothing on but my undergarments. I heard footsteps approaching and quickly hid behind a door. I made myself blend in to the wall, I thought it really and could see myself merging with my surroundings. The tunnel and opening I had used vanished, and i was stuck where I was now. The outside door swung open and I held my breath. There were over 40 soldiers accompanying two scientists and a Dr. They were carying on a conversation about time travel and Britain. The year 1964 was mentioned.

They didnt see me, they walked right past me and went over to a desk and began ahuffling through the paperwork on top. After they got the papers they came to the room for they all left. I waited a few moments until I was sure the coast was clear. Then I stood up and quitely peeked out of the window in thw door. It was a long hallway. Linoleum flooring. In pale checker pattern. I noticed a locker in the corner, it held some clothes. They were a bit baggy, but they would do. After I dressed, I checked the hall again and opened the door.

When i stepped foot outside the room, i was transported to a large underground facility in Britain, I was dressed in a womans military uniform. I was not my usual self. In fact i knew i was a spy of sorts. I traveled the halls and eventually made it to the stairways, i climbed at least 5 flights of stairs before reaching my intended destination. As I entered the room, I saw in my minds eye a giant meteor heading for earth. The phrase refugee came next. I knew I had to cause a diversion of some sort. I found a security guard and began to flirt with him, promising him a good time if he would follow me up to the top floors after lockdown. He agreed. I waited, milling about pretending to be working. I heard bits and pieces. How the Newswas going crazy over this crash of a UFO. That they had rumors of a man being used for testing new drugs locked in the top labs. That there was an under ground bunker full of alien bodies. All sorts of things.

I kept to my own until the time came to meet up with the guard. We snuck around the facility for a while. Flirting and playing around. I managed to get his key card and entice him to follow me upstairs. I remember explicitly checking for video surveillance of any kind and not seeing any. I quitely chuckled under my breath to myself that “man I love 1964” then we hit a set of large metal doors. They weren’t locked but as soon as I peeked out I noticed every corner had surveillance. “Fuck” I huffed. Then alarms started going off. The guard became suspicious.

I knocked him out and made my way down to the lower offices, I saw a large window overlooking a flat slanted roof. I threw a chair through the glass, and jumped out. I managed to make my way down to ground level, at the same time I kept seeing that comet or meteor getting closer. Hearing refugees, seeking asylum. Help.

To be cont.

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As I made it down to ground level, i was taken back to the present now, I was on a military type base in Texas. I found a jeep and managed to make my way around th complex/city.

There were fires and sirens going off. And the image of that meteor kept coming to mind. The words need escape. Need rescue. Kept running through my mind. Somehow my kids were with me, and i had to make it through this war zone with rhem in tow. I went from building to buidling seeking munition and help. I ran into a man who owned a hunting shop. He gave me a bow and knife. I had to rummage through the basement of his shop to find arrows. At which point there was a huge crash. The ground shook for a good 30 secs. I managed to grav my kids in time and hide them with me under the sturdiest part of this basement. Luckily it was designed for things like this. When the shaking stopped, we could hear tanks and the sound of thousands of feet running towards the crash site. I told my kids to stay put. The old man who had shown me the basement showed me a tunnel system and an area where i could keep my kids safely till ingot back. He even gave me the codes and keys for the tunnel so only I had access. I searched the tunnel first and made sure it was safe. Then left my kids there and told them id be right back. I left my oldest the key in case I didnt return. But told her not to open it for any reason. I took the other key and tucked it in my bra taping it there. Then i proceeded to make my way to the top where the action was. It was dark and there were fires everywhere. In thw distant could be heard guns and screaming. I found a useable vehicle and made my way to the action.

I stopped short and snuck out. When I got close enough i could see through the smoke this gigantic rock looking object. It was glowing and pulsing. And every weapon used against it was useless. The closer i got. The brighter it glowed. I finally made my way close enough incould feel the heat from it. I didnt watch my back. Soon i felt the barrel of a riffle jabbing me in my ribs and a large hand grabbing me roughly by the back of my hair. They pushed me closer to the object. Soon it began to shake and moan. It started to crack and open. Mist came out and soon men and women were on the ground around me screaming in pain. Grabbing at their bleeding ears and eyes. I didn’t understand. Then i saw her. She stepped down and pointed toward me. Gesturing me to come. My limbs moved on their own and soon i was face to face with her. She was humanoid in appearances. But defientely not human she moved me over to the lower part of their craft and a giant door opened. It was filled with some kind of goo and I reached my hand jn the goo and grabbed some thing that resembled a large larva. I was disgusted but bit back my emotions. I handed it to her, she bowed to me and thanked. Wrapping the larva in swaddling cloth and holding it close to her like a newborn babe. Whispering to it. Then i woke up thinking…wtf termite people

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Another house dream. It was a large house. Two stories at least. It was mostly abandoned and my family and I moved in. The house wasnt dirty or badly run down. It was Just untidy and boarded up. There was still furniture in the house and utilities.

The house had a lot of wood paneling, tile and hardwood throughout. It had wall sconces and chandelier style lighting. All very dated but warm. The house also had some what of an eerie feel to it. Like I was constantly being watched and intruding.

At one point as I was exploring the upper levels of the house, I came to a window facing the back yard that was not boarded up. I was looking out and showing my daughter’s when a large harpie bird flew into the window and tried to break it open. Wether by accident or to attack I’m not sure. It freaked me out and I grabbed towards the bird to try and strangle it. I realized the window was in the way but also pliable and not breaking. The bird and I had a stare down while this was happening. Me trying to reach through the unbreakable bubble glass and the bird trying to get in. It was an intense stand off kind of feeling.

After that the feeling of being watched intensified and I was worried about my i went out to get some things for protection from the store. As I was walking On my way back to my house, it was dusk, the house was a large manor style house. Surrounded by trees. Through the dim lite and beginning moon light, I looked up through the trees and saw two very large animals on the roof. One a gryphon the other a dragon. At that point I was immediately back inside the house. It was getting dark and I was getting worried.

I started to hear creakd and moans coming from the upper part of the house so I grabbed my kids and went to the lowest part of the house. Which was the laundry room. I blocked the door into the room and looked around for a safe exit. I realized that half the room seemed to be missing. I looked through the missing walls and saw it was a different house. I also noticed there was a staircase leading down to a well lit basement.

When i noticed this only one of my kids was with Me. I hurried down to find my other kiddo and saw many rooms. Furnished, warm and inviting. Most had large bookshelves filled top to bottom with books. I passed by one of the rooms and my husband was in there working on paperwork. Our other daughter peeking her head out from under the covers of the bed behind where he was sitting. I commented on how big our house was. How nice it was and also I was so relieved she was there with him. He looked puzzled like I was speaking gibberish. I also mentioned the dragon and gryphon on the roof and he just nodded like knew they had been there the whole time.

It was an interesting dream. My basement is becoming my common areas. Now gotta go clean the attic out.


U cleaning the attic for your other secret mysterious kid namely me? :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: Oh, right. i’m not a kid. I"m a pup. =o) where my puppy chow?

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I watched a movie today called " A Dark Song." That house dream is reminiscent of it and it’s a rough movie lel.

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Last nights dream. A two parter.

Had one of those non sensical dreams involving my parents again. Ended up driving around the country with them. At one point I caught my dad cheating on my mom. This time I confronted him about it. My mom was indifferent to it. Their car was extremely comfortable in the back seat. Enough room for three linebackers to sit shoulder to shoulder comfortably and without touching.

My mom kept trying to dress me, or should I say kept trying to offer me different outfits to wear.

I was also flying…in a chair wtf. Better than wings until you try to land I found out. I dont like flying dreams too much. They tend to turn into falling dreams for me as I have a hard time with the descent and landing. This time as I was trying to land, I started to fall and started to panic. Luckily I Noticed a nearby tree and aimed my vehicle/chair that way, I grabbed onto its top branches, and pulled myself safely down. Albeit a bit bumpy still.

I woke up shortly after that and my dream faded quite bit. It was about 5:20 am. Plus my little one woke up needing to nurse. So did that for 30 min then got up and went out to the living room where my hubs was sleeping. (He has a hard time sleeping in softer beds so he opted to put a nice thick foam mat on the living floor and camp out there most nights)

I snuggled up with him and quickly fell back to sleep.

The difference

This last dream was about a house we lived in that looked very similar to a house we worked on not too long ago. It was in a nice culdesac type neighbourhood, Apple trees with apples on them (it was also spring in my dream so go figure on that) I walked around the yard noticing all the trees and garden, looking at the houses around us, it felt familiar, I wandered to the backyard and saw the shed and fence, looked over to the neighbors yard…and it was identical but different…i walked around the house and saw our pet Charlie…even called him that…but instead of a cat he was a little weiner dog lmao.i even mentioned that…then it started to click that this was familiar i got excited and found my husband, he laughed and was like “duh, of course it’s familar its our home, why dont you go inside and explore” so I did.

I put my hand on the door knob and new…this is a dream…im dreaming…im awake inside my dream…IM LUCID DREAMINNG!!! I gotta test this out. I started to get distracted when I went in the house. It was beautiful. Exactly what i would want it too look like. It was still a bit different as it had those MC Esher type optical illusion style stairs in a couple areas. I noticed that and was like oh yeah this is a dream. Then I remembered I needed to find a bathroom with a mirror.

Went through the house and knew where the bathroom was, right next to the hall by the big kitchen I really want now lol. I went in and flipped the lights on…i saw my hands, looked at them for a min then looked in the mirror. And I finally saw myself. At first when I looked I didnt see anything then I kept looking until my face started to appear. It was blurry and fuzzy at first. I touched the mirror then touched my nose. Made some faces and got really excited. Then I got distracted again and went to an actual dream. Then woke up.

Im so EXCITED! It has been years since I’ve even come close to lucid dreaming. I’m going to be working on this and astral traveling now over the next however long quarantine is going to last. I think this thing can be used to exponentially expand our skills and gifts.


if i’m not in your dream. u don’t have to remember them. =o)

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Lmao YOU are funny😝

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u already know that. i’m also other good stuff too . lol u can imagine them. :laughing:

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