Lucubar - anybody work with Lucubar (or even heard of him?)

I was reading this Grimoire (thanks Google Translate) and in the middle of the list of the usual demonic suspects, there’s a demon who’s totally new to me - Lucubar…

[29] Lucubar
Lucubar is ung grant deed Duke home and subtle level of grant engyn and deed molt lead into gold and estaign [ sic ] in money, any way that we vieult.

Literally nothing comes up in searches.

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The Livre des esperitz , copied in the middle of the sixteenth century in Ms. Cambridge, Trinity College O.8.29, and the Pseudomonarchia dæmonum , published by Johannes Wier in 1577
… 13th century … Actually, magical demonology resists to the bipartition of angelical universe, proper to medieval christianism.
^ I didn’t know that.

I think there are spelling mistakes/archaic/non-standard word forms in the original… I get:

Lucubar is a great duke, who makes a subtle and simple home of the great engine, and makes lead into gold lead and stain [sic] into silver, in whatever manner [the practitioner] wishes.

So, I guess he helps with alchemical transformation and spiritual development. Probably good to try for those wanting to awaken the astral senses etc. (Since we know turning lead into gold was a metaphor)

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