Luck be a Lady

A couple of months ago I set aside a whole calendar month to better understand Venus. I detest the tendency of modern views to relegate Venus to “The Love Planet” only and not explore her other aspects so I wanted to see what else was in her wheel house so to speak.The whole month included conjurations of Venusian Spirits, meditations on Venus, and experiments with Venusian Rites.

While in my workings I devised a ritual to see how Venus could influence me as I went out for a night on the town. Here is how it went:

So on the day of Venus and in her hour I started with a five minute mediation to just settle my mind down. Then I preformed the Middle Pillar and prayed for success. Following that I lit charcoal and placed it in my censure then heaped a handful of incense made specifically for Venus on said charcoal.

As the smoke rose and filled the room with a pleasant scent I began to recite the Orphic Hymn of Venus and repeated until I recited it seven times in all. Each time getting more and more into it.

By then I was buzzing from a mixture of smoke and chanting and felt very in the zone. I made my request to both the Intelligence and Daemon to help me have a pleasant and enjoyable night as only Venus could*. I promised a tea light and water should they come through. I thanked the spirits and bid them to go to their tasks as I left my home.

Then I went out on the town with some friends. We had a blast sampling great food along Pike’s Place in Seattle, we went to a casino where I happened to double my money, and then ended at a night club dancing with a lot a beautiful people. I even got to sing a bit with the band that was playing that night when the lead singer handed me her mic, and then quickly took it back after I failed to hit the high notes.

All in all I would call it a success. Venus seemed to be in the mood to party and have fun. Everything that night was done with a sense of joy and a zest for life. I know Venus is not typically the planet one would turn to for success in gambling but I did get four black jacks in a row, it seems she has her hand in gambling a bit as well.

So I can say that I highly recommend Venus, and even though she is known as the “Lesser Benific” there is nothing trivial about the joy she can bring.

*Yeah it was an open ended request but that was kind of my point. I had already worked out a game plan with the spirits before hand to ensure that no harm came to me as a consequence of this rite.

Nice work!

Have you set aside a similar month for any of the other classical planets?

Yes I did. I just finished a long seven month working for the Chaldean Order of planets.

Cool - have you posted any online? Sorry to be pushy, missed you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awww shucks, thanks Eva.

I haven’t posted my long planetary workings. A lot of it was personal and it will probably just stay noted in my journal.

I posted this because I wanted to show a way I have worked with Venus without the need for long rituals or evocations :slight_smile:

Great to see you back, Orismen! :slight_smile: