Lucius Journal 36: Azazel Helped Me Through School

Peace be with you all.

I’ve just gotten out of a serious evocation, and I now feel exhausted. Think I need to rest after I write this. Or at least just lie down…

No less than 10 minutes before posting this, I had finished my evocation of Azazel.

This semester of classes had been a shit-show for me. Most were repeat classes from the last semester; The one that made me almost kill my damn self…literally.

Yes, failing classes is no big deal at all, in the grand scheme of life. But after failing so many times in life, even in the most minute of things, and then having these failures called out by assholes, failing those classes really took a toll on my mental health. Never had I been more close to reaching the gun. Thankfully, I decided to give life one last shot, and seek help from entities themselves.

And now I am here. Alive. And kicking ass.

The beginning of January, 2020 marked the semester where I would have to re-take those classes if I wanted to progress. But I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed assistance. So I called on Azazel in January to assist me with these courses.

He was…hesitant at first. He said that perhaps I could find someone else for the job, like Lucifer. But Azazel had taught me a lot of valuable lessons in the past. So I felt more of a calling towards him for this particular work. To me, he really felt like a teacher. I even give him the nickname of “Teacher”. After further begging and pleading, he finally agreed.

He wanted something in return. My blood, and strawberry cake. The latter offering caused me to immaturely burst into tears of laughter back then. Azazel’s form comes as a mighty 7-foot Satyr for me. The entity is massive in size, and quite intimidating. To think that such a big guy would want strawberry cake, positively made me “Lol”.

Unfortunately, he didn’t take my laughter as a joke. He was quite offended. I could tell, because I’ve noticed when he’s offended, he doesn’t respond at all. He just stares at you. Its quite intimidating. So I immediately shut up and apologized. All he replied back was “That would be wise…”


Thankfully, he still agreed to help me.


It was a success.

A massive one. I passed every last one of those classes that gave me a hard time last semester. It was such a relief, and quite a surprise.

The beginning of the semester was normal. I was doing alright. But then… I began to lag behind. And my grades began to fall tremendously. I’m just not school material, it seems. A’s turned into C’s. B’s turned into D’s. D’s turned into F’s.

Months later, we were now at half of the semester, and I told myself “If I’m going to get through this, I need a fucking miracle.”

And, well, COVID-19 hit.

Now, that’s not a miracle at all, I know. But hear me out.

The virus itself was very advantageous for me. For one, staying at home allowed me more free time to study.

Secondly, it made it really, really easy to cheat.

And everyone in my college did, not just me. We helped each other. To be honest, cheating was absolutely necessary if I wanted to pick up my horrible grades before the semester ended, which was approaching rapidly.

Am I regretful about cheating? Nope.

Now, obviously, Azazel did NOT manifest COVID-19 and kill hundreds of thousands of people just so lil’ ol’ Lucius can have a certain letter on his transcript. Of course not. But it was a chance event that he used to his advantage. A window of opportunity.

And boy, did it work.

My grades sky-rocketed. I took my Chemistry class from a D to an A, as well as many others.

I didn’t notice it was Azazel at first, until a specific event happened. I forgot about the whole thing, actually. But then something happened in my class with the lowest grade.

I had a 60 in the class when finals arrived. I thought I was fucked. Of course, I decided to cheat. Not sorry.

But sometimes cheaters do not win. And despite my best efforts, I still made a horrible score on the exam. It only boosted my grade a tiny bit. Here is the unfortunate result of my effort…

On the final, I made a 66. For the course total of the entire year, I made a whopping 63. Not sure why, but the final only seemed to boost my grade by 3%, for the end result of a 63%. Quite disappointing. And it was the last one, too. But then something amazing happened. When I checked to see if my teacher posted this in my school’s official gradebook, I saw this…

An “80” is considered a B for my school. So that is almost a 20% increase for this class, seemingly at random. I have no idea how or why my teacher managed to put this in instead of the original 63 D. I was absolutely amazed. That’s when I knew it had to be Azazel. There had to be no other way.

Here is some other good news:

Considering what is going on with the coronavirus, my school decided to give us a universal pass system. Any grade that is a C or above would be able to be dropped of and not counted towards your GPA if you wish. Two of my classes had a very low C after finals. They were passing grades, but they would have surely lowered my already high GPA. With this system implemented, those classes won’t even count towards my GPA. So not only did I pass all of my classes by the skin of my teeth, but my GPA is saved as well. My lowest grades don’t even count.

Extremely satisfied with the work Azazel has done, I evoked him today immediately, and gave him the offerings that he required. My trance state this time was incredibly deep, and stayed with me for quite some time. It was a bit exhausting. Azazel says it is a sign of my spiritual progress. He is proud. To my surprise, he declined one of our planned offerings: blood.


Me: But are you sure? You wanted a drop. I can give it to you if you want.
Azazel: That won’t be necessary. I’ve changed my mind. The cake is all that I need.
Me: Yes sir. If you wish. Thank you once again. I mean, that was amazing, You’ve really helped me out. As you always do.
Azazel: I must say, boy…you’ve become quite different since last we’ve met.
Me: What do you mean?
Azazel: Your heart. It has become dark. I see a decrease of the light within you. And you don’t seem to be disappointed about cheating. Is that right?
Me: I don’t care. I only do what I must to survive here. If I have to cheat on a measly test, then so be it. I still won in the end.
Azazel: Hm… an amazing surprise indeed. Tell me…how do you feel about the world now? After all of these months? Do you still have plans of single-handedly saving this place?

Me: Honestly…
Azazel: …Mhm?
Me: Fuck this place.

He looked at me with surprise.

Azazel: My, my…what is this? This new…persona. The one I’ve tried to get you to understand for so long…
Me: It’s not a persona. Its just me being fed up with bullshit. Especially after what Father revealed to me…
Azazel: Oh…indeed.

We were both silent for a few moments. It was a pretty sensitive topic, that they wanted me to write about in more detail when the time is right.

Me: Azazel.
Azazel: Yes?
Me: Why did all of you hide her from me? Why would you do that?
Azazel: It was our idea to reveal her to you after you’d pass away. Such a revelation while you are on Earth would most likely have been too much for you to handle. But Lucifer thought otherwise.
Me: Why?
Azazel: To be honest…he was tired of your immature antics. He wanted you to finally grow up. You didn’t want to. He was sick of you getting into needless trouble; Trouble that could easily be avoided. He thought that revealing her to you would force you to confront your Shadow self. To make you finally realize that the reckless life you are trying to live is not the wisest one. He wanted to teach you about personal responsibility. And it seems that it worked… Look at you now. I can tell you’ve gotten more mature. And…more powerful.

Me: I see…
Azazel: He’s always been one to help people grow in enlightenment. To become better versions of themselves. To come out of Ego. He sees something in you, boy. Something that I honestly don’t quite see myself. He’s done his best to protect you so far. But he’s never explained why. He cares about you, as he does others.

Me: He’s always been somewhat elusive. I’m sorry, Azazel. I really am. I can’t believe I behaved that way. I’ll try to make up for my mistakes. I will set a better example for her.
Azazel: There is no need for an apology. You are already progressing. If you keep this up, you will be yet another great magickian.
Me: Thank you. Can I ask you one last thing?
Azazel: Of course.
Me: Zoology. How did you manage to take me from a 63 to an 85, especially if I was destined to fail?
Azazel: When you are able to manipulate the mind, you are able to manipulate the universe itself. Considering everyone is in a soft spot with all that is going on lately, it was relatively easy to persuade your professor to just give you a B instead. You could say…he felt sorry.
Me: Amazing…such power.
Azazel: Boy, if you call that power, you haven’t truly seen anything yet.

I bowed down.

Me: King Azazel. I thank you for your help. Thank you for everything. I can’t believe I was about to kill myself before I met you guys. That would have been my biggest mistake. The Infernal is like family.

He was in a chair. He then stood up before me.

Azazel: Stand, boy.

I stood up.

Azazel: I need you to promise me something.
Me: Of course, Azazel.
Azazel: Promise that you will never bow down to me again.
Me: I…uhh… okay. I promise. I guess…that was kind of cringe-y, wasn’t it?
Azazel: I am not your king. You are not my servant nor my slave. You have proven yourself worthy after all that has happened. We are equals. Partners. From now on, you treat me not as a god, or a superior being, but as an equal among yourself. An equal who helps you manipulate circumstance through teamwork. Understand?
Me: Of course, Azazel. I will do better.
Azazel: Good. Leave this cake here for today.
Me: Understood.

Thanks for everything, Azazel. And thank you for being a wonderful teacher.

Now, onto the music.

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Congratulations Lucius. I am happy for your mundane and spiritual success. Keep up the great work, mentor.

Thank you, friend. :heart:

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I so enjoy reading your posts Lucius.

A journey of 1000 miles does indeed start with a single step :+1: kudos to you and Azazel.
One big happy Infernal family.