Lucius Journal 31: Fighting The Morrigan 2

Ladies and gentlemen…

I Won.

I have redeemed myself from that terrible defeat from last time. I thank @Shemoos once more for guiding me through the astral. And While I am sore as I write this, I am grateful that I took back my power and dignity.

She’s a tough one, yes. But she has a lot she can teach. While she is known to push people to their limits, sometimes that is necessary. Here is what happened:

Today, the plan was for me to travel with Shemoos to her realm, and for each of us to fight her separately, with him going first. So, at a set time, me and him projected and met each other in my backyard. I crafted another portal, a blank one, and chanted her name in order to link it to her realm. It was the same technique I used to travel to Lucifer’s realm.

The portal began to turn foggy, and crows emitted from it. We both walked through, him going first.

Her realm was a bit different this time. Where the last couple of times the weather was calm, this time there seemed to be some sort of light snowstorm. I took that as I sign that perhaps she was serious this time.

Well…more serious…

In the distance, through the falling snow, I saw her hut/church. Slowly we traveled towards it. When we were close, I heard her voice.

Morrigan: Stop. Come inside alone, Lucius.

I look at Shemoos, and he looks back at me. He then gestures me in.

Kind of shitting myself at this moment, I enter. I see Morrigan again, sitting on the ground near the altar.

Morrigan: Are you ready for tonight’s battle?

Me:…Yes. Yes I am.

Morrigan: (turning around) Good. I hope so. Perhaps you can redeem yourself. Did he tell you?

Me: About you finding out?

Morrigan: Yes. Did he inform you?

Me: He…he did…

Morrigan: (standing up) You’ve got a lot of nerve planning to surprise attack me like that. Did you not think I would be able to take you both? Did you think I would never find out? I suppose you forgot who I am. Two on one…I thought you were better than that. Had you followed through with your “plan”, I would have destroyed you both immediately. Don’t ever try something like that again.

Me: Morrigan, I can explai-

Morrigan: Explain…Nothing.

Me: (Fearful silence)

Morrigan: Considering that you decided to go along with this “plan”, I have decided to amp up the difficulty. I will fight you as hard as I’ve done last time, and show you no mercy. Try to fight me with the same vigor as the last battle, and you will surely lose.

Me: What!? How is that right? How is that fair?

Morrigan: How is tag-teaming me fair?

Me: You said to use strategy!

Morrigan: I told you to think, but I didn’t say to cheat. Now, are you ready?

Me: (sigh)…Yes.

Morrigan: Out you go. Your friend will go first. Observe, and learn from him. After our battle, you’re next.

So we head out of the church/hut, and into the large snowy field. Shemoos was waiting outside, patiently. He didn’t seem to be breaking a sweat. With the experience and Will that he has, he doesn’t need to fear anything.

Their battle doesn’t last long. While the Morrigan is powerful, Shemoos simply had a better technique and game-plan. It seems that she was no match for him. After about two rounds, she signals him off.

Morrigan: Now for you, Lucius. Don’t hold back.


She put on some sort of headgear. It was shaped like a crow. I knew she really mean’t business. She then goes to the opposite side of the field, and takes out two spears, one for each hand. I manifested a scythe.

She runs towards me, scarily fast. Far faster than she did our last fight. Even though she was across the field, she catches up with me in seconds, and takes a swipe. I blocked just in time, but it was so forceful that it knocked me back a few feet, and staggered me.

She was genuinely trying to kill me.

She swipes, and thrusts, and swipes, and thrusts, not letting me catch a breath. She hits my scythe at the perfect timing to knock me off guard and leave me open, finishing me with a swift kick to the gut.

Realizing that I wasn’t much of a threat, she willingly drops her weapons and walks toward me bare-handed. I crawl backwards while still looking at her. She caught up quickly. When she was mere inches away from me, I hold up my hands.

Me: Stop! Please! I quit!

She pauses for a moment, and looks annoyed.

Morrigan: No way. No. Way. You really gave up this soon. How weak. How Pathetic! What kind of man are you!? Pull yourself together!

But what she didn’t realize…Is that it was a trick.

She turns around to Shemoos.

Morrigan: Is this who you’re training?! Is this who you-

She gets a bullet through her head.

She’s knocked back a few feet, and her helmet comes off. Surprisingly, she’s not dead. But she is stunned. She gets back up, looking at me with a surprised look on her face. A look of astonishment. I have a different astral form on now. My cyborg form. Wielding only long-range weaponry.

She has a sly smile on her face, and is circling me slowly.

Morrigan: Well well well… Looks like you managed to catch me off guard.

She runs up on me quickly. Being a ranged sort of fighter, I try to back off of her. But she knows…She was determined to keep close to me. Every time I’d strafe away, she would be right back on me, swiping away.

Eventually, I manage to find an opening, and kick her away, giving me just enough distance to aim my rifle. She moves to me quickly, strafing and dodging.

I noticed that she likes to do that a lot. She is a very fast-moving, highly versatile sort of entity. But her movements are also predictable. Especially against long ranged weaponry. So I keep maintaining my distance, and I try to read her moves. And I observe that if I aimed and fired my shots just right, It could hit her in the direction that she tries to strafe in. If I aimed and fired just a few inches in front of the spot she was planning to move to, it would hit her directly. So I try it just once.

It works. A direct hit.

She looks at the wound, and up at me. Her facial expression says I just pissed her off even more. So she begins to move a bit faster, and I begin to miss shots.

Some hit, however. And these were enough to keep her at bay. I keep firing, and firing, and firing. Switching between pistol and rifle. Most of them hit perfectly, doing damage. I found out that lightning and electricity is one of her weaknesses. So I imbue my rifle’s bullets with electric energy. It is enough to stagger her and keep her in one spot. She can’t seen to get near me, and I move away further and further. She then tries her “crow” strategy on me again, shooting swarms to disorient me. But I developed a counter-ability. One that would surround myself in fire, burning all of the crows. Plus, the rifle I have can transform into other guns as well. One of them being a wide-spread shotgun. This was effective in keeping them off.

I use this shotgun on her once. And it is enough to have her on her knees.

I used this critical moment to finish her off with melee. I manifested a good-sized sword, and repeatedly stabbed her, over and over again. She falls over.

I quickly stepped far back, making sure that I stay far away from her. She lies there for a couple of seconds, and then gets back up. Wounds fully healed. We both look at each other. And she says…

Morrigan: Congratulations. Again.


She does some weird “phantom phasing” move back to the opposite side of the field.

Round 2

Beside her, I see some portals open up in the ground. Medium-sized black portals. And from these portals emitted…More Morrigans?

She had clones. Twelve of them. All with spears. “What the fuck!”, I thought. They all started charging at me.

I don’t know why, or where the thought even came from, but I had the intuition to summon hellhounds…? So I did. A couple. And I sent them after the clones. But they were only to distract them. When they were occupied, I changed my rifle’s form into a mini-gun type of weapon, and aimed directly at the clones.

As I fired, they all dropped dead, one by one. The bullets were so strong and so many that it ripped through the trees. But something felt “off”. These Morrigans dropped too quickly. They were killed too easily. Where was the real Morrigan?

As I had this thought, I hear a “whoosh” sound come from right behind me, and I instinctively turn around and “block” with my mini-gun. She almost took my head clean off. To keep distance, I leap high into the air, and continue to levitate. I turn my rifle into a missile-launcher type weapon. One that I used in my training, And I fire at her from above. I see her, the size of an ant, scurrying off, trying to avoid all of my missiles and dodge the explosions. One of them, however, the last one, hits her. And it hits her good. But the battlefield was far too filled with smoke to tell where she was at now. So I stayed in the air in order for the smoke to clear.

But I see a small “dot”…a brown one. I thought this was her, until this “dot” became bigger. And then I saw them. And then I thought, “oh shit.”

Instead of arrows like above, they were long spears. There had to be hundreds of them, all coming right towards me. I quickly moved out of the way, but one of them hit my bicep. I return to the ground to fight her again, this time far away from her. I keep firing with my rifle. But this time, she does some sort of phantom phasing move…turning into a shadowy ghost, and moving much more quickly. All of my bullets miss, going right through her, and she catches up to me.

She grabs me by the throat and slams me to a tree. In her hand is one of those spears. She impales me with it, right where a lung would be. She got one in.

I was now in a panic. Fearful, and acting on instinct, I grab her arm. The one that was holding me by the neck. Something odd happens.

She screams. Like, genuinely screams in pain. And when I look down at her arm, I see some sort of black energy transfer from her arm into my body. And seconds later, I just think “crows”, and I aim my hand at her face, and spawn a swarm of crows. This knocks her back far.

I look at her, and then at my hand, in awe. She also looks at me in awe.

Did I just absorb her powers?

Now, she had a bit of fear in her eyes. a rarity for her. She charged at me once more, phasing again. But this time, I phase, too, and we have some sort of “ghost dance-off”, to put it lightly. I find out really fast that she isn’t too great at fighting “herself”. So I use this phasing ability to greatly maneuver around her, firing my shots. All hit.

I use an electric shot to get her down again, and get her staggered. I then go in for the kill, with melee. I stab her once more, and back away quickly. A few moments of stillness, and she gets back up. A look of frustration on her face.

Now, at this moment, I begin to get incredibly exhausted. I fall to my knees and stay there, out of energy. But…she gets up.

Morrigan: (sternly) Final. Battle.

And I only think: “Seriously?”

Round 3

She went to the opposite side of the field again.

This time, she didn’t even run at me. She just stood there. What was she planning? I watch, patiently. But something very weird happens…

The sky. It turns red.

Now usually, when anything turns “red”, its not a good sign. And I found myself thinking at the moment, "what the Hell? Why is the sky turning red? Why. Is. The. Sky. Turning. Red!?

And I see the Morrigan in the distance, lifting both of her hands up to the sky. And seconds later, a beam emits from her hands, reaching the sky.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. And then seconds later, I heard “caw-ing”. Lots and lots of caw-ing. Very…Very loud, ear-piercing caw-ing.

Crows from all across the land gathered around this beam of light, swarming it at the top.

Imagine that, but a million times worse. From where I was standing, it looked like some sort of irregular pitch-black, ever-changing shape in the sky. That’s how many crows there were. I couldn’t help but gasp at the amount of power I was witnessing. I had to give it to her, it was an amazing sight.

And soon, these crows started to get uniformed. And then they all traveled directly in a straight line…towards me.

A giant swarm of crows directly coming to me. I was in a panic. So I did the next best thing. I countered them with the fire-based attack I used on them before. Only this time to a more extreme degree. As they came towards me, I charged up, and aimed a beam right back at her. The outcome was something close to this:


Replace the beams with her swarm of crows and my fire-base counter attack.

This took a lot of energy. Like, a lot. It was incredibly difficult to hold off her crow swarm. There were just so many. The second I decided to give up, however, they suddenly dissapeared.

And then Morrigan was inches in front of me.

And she did a move so quickly…and so effortlessly, that I didn’t have time to blink before I was on the ground bleeding. It literally happened at the speed of light.

She had “killed me”.

I reappeared a few seconds later, and I saw her coming towards me. I can’t describe it well, but she wasn’t even “moving”! It’s like she was made of photons. It’s as if I would blink, and I’d see her inches away from me again, like she was teleporting to me. I was thinking, “Is she really moving that fast?”

And when she came close, I wouldn’t even see her swipe at me. I would just be in pieces, on the ground! It baffled me how fast someone could be.

This happened again and again. And she kept killing me over and over. And I was getting even more exhausted, to the point where I wanted to stop. But I pushed on. I had a plan.

I figured she would do some stuff like this…so I had a trick up my sleeve. On the next “respawn”, I imbued my rifle’s bullets with paralyzation energy.

…Paralyzing bullets.

I stand back and aim very carefully. She came at me furiously, but I tried to remain calm and patient. She was far off, so I had a bit of time to read her. And as she came close, I fired.

I got her.

She fell down, not moving a single muscle this time. But I wanted to make sure (because, well, its Morrigan). So I fired three more inside of her.

When I knew she was paralyzed, I launched myself high into the air, to the point where I could see all the forest, and did a devastating attack that I had learned recently. One that would surely obliterate her.

It was done.

But my energy was so drained, so exhausted, that I fell to the ground from high up, like a bird would if you shot it down. And I hit the snow, hard.

The area was set ablaze. Burned by fire, missiles, and literal magic. Snow melted, trees burned, Morrigan’s hut/church was on fire…

I was on the ground, exhausted. I was like this for a few minutes. I then looked up to see the Morrigan, crawling away. I crawl towards her.

And then, when I gained a bit of energy back, I developed the Will to stand. And then I walk/limp towards her to finish the job. She tries to crawl away, but I grab her by the cloth and face her to me…and I just start punching away.

Punching, and punching, yelling, and punching…giving her the beating of her life. Then, I slammed her against a tree, by the neck as she has done me. And I still kept punching, and yelling, and punching…directly towards the face.

It was brutal, to be honest.

But I was so filled with rage, that I couldn’t control myself. It was only when she said “Lucius!” That I snapped out of it.

Morrigan: You won. You did it. You can stop now. I submit.

I catch my breath and let her go. She falls to the ground, on her knees.

I follow, falling down to a prone position right near her.

We stayed like this for a good while, to be honest. We had both went at each other so incredibly powerfully that we burned ourselves out.

Minutes later, I get up, while she is still on her knees, and I reach out a hand to pull her up. She grabs it and gets up to a standing position. She leans on the tree.

Morrigan: Well done, Lucius. Well done indeed.

She kneels down in a bowing position.

Morrigan: You have earned my respect. You are truly the man they say you are.

She gets back up and looks at me.

Morrigan: Thatthat is the type of fight that I want to see in you. That…is Lilith’s son.

I didn’t say anything. I only smiled. I smiled a genuine smile. But then I looked around at the blazing forest, and realized what I had done.

Me: I’m sorry, Morrigan. I destroyed your realm.

Morrigan: Not at all.

Seconds later, the land was back to normal in an instant, as if we had never fought at all.

Me: I didn’t mean to defeat you that badly. Sorry for whacking at you towards the end.

Morrigan: Nonsense. You won, Lucius. This victory was earned. I applaud you.

Me: What happens to us now?

Morrigan: You have proven yourself in battle. And you have proven yourself capable of progressing to Yahweh. You are welcome back to my realm at any time, and may use it as another training ground, or as a means to spar again with me.

Me: Do you really think I am ready?

Morrigan: I do, but I suppose…The better question would be do you think that you are ready, Lucius?

I stay silent for a moment.

Me: Yes. I must free myself completely from him. I’ve got to get him back for what he did to me. To all of us. If he can’t die completely, I can at least defeat his true form in battle.

Morrigan: I admire your will, boy. Your Mother was right about you. I wish you the best of luck in your battle and all battles in the future. You should get some rest. You’re exhausted, and you’ve earned it.

Me: Morrigan?

Morrigan: Yes?

Me: Thank you. Thanks for bringing my warrior-self out.

She did not say anything, but smiled and walked back to her hut/church. I got back to my body.

The next big goal, is defeating the Tyrant God that put me here in the first place. While he can’t be completely killed, and while I won’t be the first to defeat him, I can at least put him in his place once more, and show him that he picked the wrong demon to fuck with. Doing so will get him out of my life, my subconscious, and my energy system, and allow me to be truly free.

You’re next, Old Man.

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When will it be?

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Find out at the next episode of Lucius Ball Z.


What do you mean? Why did you add Ball z?

:joy: thanks for reading :heart:

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Soon… though not exactly sure when. But soon.

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For irony sake because some of the fights that Lu has described on here sounds exactly like something out of DragonballZ.


Get one in on that rat bastard for all of us Morningstar.

Amazing. Never clicked on a post so fast.

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Seriously, you should write a book.

Also, when you do face the enemy, make sure to throw in some good punches for all the people he has murdered

You can’t exactly blame humanity murdering each other on “Yahweh” that’s humanity who murdered each other under the name of a being they thought was Yahweh.


Isn’t his name originally Elohim and he took his deceased fathers name El and tried to become the only god that was worshipped?

I’m aware they’re is a difference between parasitic asshole most call Yahweh and the actual deity El a storm god, who doesnt have much if anything to do with the bible now.

El or Elohim if I remember is an arrogant jerk at times, but doesnt stoop to levels this parasite whom most call Yahweh does.


I meant this “Yahweh” should answer for the deaths of the people who dedicated their lives to him just to die in painful ways. The innocent people who followed him whole heartedly and got murdered for their faith. I recognize humans were at the forefront of it all, but they were treated like pawns on a chessboard that he used as fuel for himself. And he uses our beautiful Earth as a prison for spirits he straight up just doesn’t like. That’s what I mean

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this reminds me more of Naruto than anything else :joy: