Lucius: Journal 3 - Lucifer helps me astral project

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share a quick experience I had with Lucifer the other night.

This one deals with the art of astral projection. Astral projection, by far, has been the number one thing in my journey that I have absolute trouble with. It is not that I can’t get to the vibration stage, it is just that when I get to that point, I can’t seem to exit my body. I had literally tried for months, to no avail. I’ve gotten close to it once, but wussed out due to fear and myths about the other side (which I know now, are false).

I had tried again last night, intentionally, to no avail. Still couldn’t exit my body. Angry at myself, I decided I would seek some extra help. He had already helped me in the past, so i figured “why not”? I take my sigil of Lucifer and meditate on it before bed. I ask him to please assist me in astral projecting tonight, so that I can experience the other side for myself. I put the sigil under my pillow and go to sleep, disappointed at myself for not getting out of my fleshy body.

I soon wake up in the middle of the night, randomly. I say it was at least 3 AM. I woke up to a very strong presence in the room. I just had this gut feeling that I wasn’t alone. I was certain that something was in here with me. Now, I had thought that my request wasn’t accepted, because I woke up without going into astral projection mode. “hmm,” I thought, “guess he wasn’t feeling it… I suppose I’ll just go to sleep and ask him again later.”

So, I fall asleep, somewhat sad that my request wasn’t fulfilled. Minutes later, though, I instantly enter a state of sleep paralysis. The presence I spoke of earlier was now right beside my bedside. I couldn’t see who it was, because my body was turned to the opposite side. But I knew that something strong was looking directly down upon me. I then heard this mysterious presence say some unknown words in a very ‘dark’ tone. it sounded like some sort of ancient language. At this point I was incredibly frightened and tried screaming for help. But because I was paralyzed, no words came out.

Seconds after, though, I seemed to automatically roll out of my bed. This was a completely unconscious behavior. I felt myself ‘plop’ to the floor, but no pain was experienced. I decided to open my eyes, and I saw that I was lying on the floor. But everything seemed to feel a bit different.

I decided to get up and head back in bed, only to find my “physical body” sleeping soundly upon it. I had also noticed that I felt a lot lighter than usual, like I was made of air. I then realized that I had successfully astral projected for the first time ever!

I wanted to jump to the stars, but I contained my excitement in order to not risk accidentally being snapped back into my body. I explore my dorm room, and everything was exactly as is. Excitedly, I leave towards the hallway of my dorm hall in order to see what was out there. This time it was dark, and at the end of the hallway, there was a figure standing silently across the opposite side. It was tall, faceless, and wore a hooded robe. It said nothing, but was silently watching me. I figured this may have been Lucifer himself, but I decided not to find out due to being cautious for my first time.

So I decide to go to the opposite end of the hall. The entity still watching me, I travel through the door to go outside, and I see my campus exactly as it is in the physical world. Only this time, there are people walking about, at 3 AM. I figured these must have been wandering spirits, or maybe even other people who were astral projecting as well. There were only a few, but they all looked like normal people. Some had different outfits from different time periods. They all paid no mind to me, and were simply minding their own business. One was admiring the stars from a balcony. Another was walking down some stairs.

I walk around my campus and find that this mysterious realm (or, at least, the realm of the astral that I was in) was absolutely silent and peaceful, in the sense that the distractions of the physical world are non-existent. I did not feel the sluggish limitations of the human body. I felt like my true self. I felt limitless.

I then try one more experiment. I try to fly. I did, successfully. I flew all across the night sky and admired the stars myself. I was having a blast!

Soon enough, unfortunately, I was abruptly pulled back into my physical body, and I woke up. I then let out all of my excitement. I had successfully astral projected for the first time, and Lucifer helped me do it! It had to be the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. There was no pain, no limitations, no suffering, no responsibilities of the physical world. Just a free, sovereign soul doing whatever makes it happy. Upon waking, I found myself longing to go back to it. I was even in tears once, because I was thinking of how beautiful that world was compared to this one. In a way, I felt as though I was trapped in this one, like a prisoner. Don’t get me wrong, the domain we are in is beautiful, as well. But to me, it does not compare to the other side. Its like I was finally free from all of the bullshit that this world throws upon you; All the bills, the evil, the assholes, the 9 to 5 work cycle, the negative news broadcasts, the wrongful judgement from our fellow man… It was as if I was free from all of the limitations of the human body.

This may sound ‘woo-woo’ and suicidal (I promise I’m NOT thinking about ending my life), but I no longer fear death like I use to. If that’s where we go to when we die, then I will gladly embrace my demise, whenever it may be. Thanks for reading!

P.S: If anyone has any resources that may help guide me to astral project on my own, I would appreciate you sharing them. Thanks!


Congratulations! that was an amazing experience.

Robert’s Bruce books are really helpful, The Rope method is indeed powerful and effective, you can also try EA’s soul travel course.

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-.- I’ve been trying for a year now I almost was out of my body once but then no twice I did it successful but not like I can remember much of it😔 I’ll try to call n ask him myself


Thanks, apprentice! I will check out his books immediately :grinning:

You can do it! I’m certain he can assist you as well :smile:

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I really hope so he knows we’re I’m trying to get to lol😂

Excellent work. Robert Bruce speaks of forgetting your AP and recommend you spend 5 seconds out of your body the first time you AP. I guess with Lucifer’s help this did not apply. Nice.