Lucius Journal 23: I Give My Succubus a V-Day Gift

Hello, BALG community.

I’m a bit late for this one, but I decided to post it anyway. This occurred on Valentines Day. I decided I would give thanks to Summer and celebrate my progress in the path by giving her a gift. She seems to really like cute animals (and animals in general), and I found the cutest teddy bear to give her. Smelled like chocolate, too! I called her to my dorm room for a nice conversation.

Summer: There’s my fighter!
Me: (laughter) You’re still going on about that?
Summer: Yeah dude cuz you were amazing!
Me: Well, thanks for being there with me. Very few come through like that.
Summer: Come on…you know I wasn’t going to let you blaspheme the old guy all by yourself…So what’s up?
Me: Nothing much. I just wanted to see you again.
Summer: You wanted to see my pretty ass face, huh?
Me: (laughter) fuckin’ right. But to be honest I also need to ask you a favor.
Summer: What’s up?
Me: I really need help astral projecting. I can’t seem to control when I can do it. Can you help me like… get this shit together? I promised Azazel that I’d learn it and…I’m kinda fucking up.
Summer: Well he’s patient. Im sure he understands. So you want me to “teach” it to you?
Me: Well, I was hoping that when I get to the vibrational state, you could pull me out.
Summer: Naaah dude. I should probably teach you first. You know, train you.
Me: You wanna train me?
Summer: I’d much rather. It would be better for you, that way you wont need me every time you astral project. Wanna start tonight?
Me: Sure! Thanks. So umm…I got something for you.
Summer: For me?
Me: Yeah. One sec…
Summer: (sly smile as I fiddle and find the gift) Oh god…

I show her the bear. Her entire face lights up.

Summer: No. Fucking. Way! You did not just do that, dude!
Me: Happy Valentines Day, Summer. (smile)
Summer: Jordin!

She immediately gets up, hugs me and kisses me.

Me: haha, you’re squeezing me, girl!
Summer: Thank you so much, dude! You didn’t forget!
Me: Aaaw you know I could never forget you.
Summer: (showing me the bear) Look at it! Look at this cute ass shit! Its eyes are so adorable! (sniffing) Is that chocolate?
Me: It is :slightly_smiling_face:.
Summer: How did you know I like chocolate!?
Me: haha, well…I didn’t to be honest. But now I know!
Summer: (sniffing) fuck yes!
Me: Thanks again for being with me, Summer. Through thick and thin. You were the reason I got this far in both life and this spiritual journey. Thanks for helping me realize that I’m not crazy.

Summer: Aaaaw! Valentines speech!

She hugs me once more.

Summer: I love you, Jordin!
Me: I love you too, Summer. :slightly_smiling_face:

She then gave me one of those “neck kisses”. I’ve found that for some reason succubi love targeting the neck. Summer in particular loves to do it just to playfully mess with me. For some reason it gives me an insta-boner :speak_no_evil:

Me: Gah!
Summer: :joy:
Me: :laughing: Why do you always do that?
Summer: Because. Deep down… you like it. :smirk:
Me: Guess I can’t hide anything from you anymore, huh?
Summer: Haha, no! I also know that you like being called “daddy”, is that right?
Me: I…well…
Summer:…Is that right? :smirk:
Me: Shit, you got me again. :man_shrugging:
Summer: :laughing: You’re too easy, dude!

She is now assisting me in astral projection. Unfortunately it is still not my strong suite, but she seems to be helping me to progress tremendously. We aim to explore the astral realm some more and visit one of my created astral temples.

I tried to persuade her that we should both bust open the Vatican and see what kind of occult knowledge resides within, but she says its way too dangerous and that its guarded like a maximum-security prison. A bunch of highly advanced astral guards and technology. So… :man_shrugging:

Thanks for reading!

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Ah! Love! A romantic bond-a. Good luck, in your training, Lu.


Thanks! :grinning:


I’ll be undergoing training myself within the next week.

I heard the same somewhere else