Lucius Journal 22: I Fight Yahweh...And Win

Why not?

Saving it for another post, will have to go deep on this one…


To me, the experience Lucious experienced was a UPG. (Unverified Personal Gnosis). His mind had to go through the emotions and steps in order to feel more free. It is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s his personal experiences.
As for God? that is a title and can apply to any spirit that has been classified as a God if we look at the Greek route some of the titans earned that title but I digress…when it applies to Yahweh a lot of people get hung up on the Christians’ point of view and ways due to the Council of Nicea and later with time modern Christianity. People pull away from the religion itself due to their experiences with it…however everything is rooted back in older faiths if people actually looked. Everything is borrowed throughout time and distorted by humans.


Indeed it is.

I’ve talked with him recently about one certain spirit. And it just happened that his gnosis on the said spirit is completely opposite to what I and more than 5 other people close to me know about it.
The way that spirit talked about me to him… it was utterly ridiculous, to say the least.

So yes, it all seems a lot like you have named it.


Oops, I just realized that there was poor wording on my part in the last paragraph. What I meant to say is that out of the Trimurti, Vishnu was the only one that was outright mentioned and played more of a role in the Rigveda (He was initially viewed as a sun deity that later ascended in the Vedas as a supreme deity).

However, in the Rigveda you have Pashupati (who’s name was misspelled in my other posts on here, sorry about that) and Rudra who were essentially the deities that Shiva was based off of. Looking back, if I recall correctly Shiva might have been mentioned a few times at the end but I could be wrong about that.

(Sorry for writing another post, I just want to cover my basis).

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I think there’s also a myth of Shiva taking Indra’s place or am I mistaken?

A good Jehovah liberation ritual, by V. K. Jehannum. For anyone who’s interested:


Kartikeya is the deity that was prophesied to take Indra’s place. That is why in the myths there is a story where Indra tries to make a deal with the Krttika to kill Kartikeya once he reaches the banks of the River Ganges so things don’t come to pass.

Kartikeya is equated to Kumara but Kumara is also occasionally used as a name for Agni and Rudra which makes things even more confusing to say the least lol.

To give a shorter answer - Kartikeya, Shiva’s son was destined to take Indra’s throne.

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Let me just say that I am personally grateful at how much constructive discussion my experience has brought to this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

You people are truly intelligent human beings.


Wow! you are my F****** hero
I really love your posts bro, keep goin

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I absolutely need to do something like this, but for the RHP “universe” that is continuously ‘karmically’ fucking me over and my horrible soul family

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Honestly shocked u got YHVH to even say anything…For the first 20 years of life, not a peep from that fellow…Even when slandering him and berating him…Not s speck of light, not a feeling…nothing…So that u managed to conjure him in someway let alone get a response is amazing to say the least…Leaving that behind was simple giving science made more sense. Got way more of a response when working to build rapport with the HGA and movement into Satanism…

Been convinced for a very longtime, the ones (plural ) who fill the office of YHVH are either dead or moved on to some other title, office, religion…


Indra is a just title like pashupati or Brahma, so as every person who is on high postion is afraid of losing his position, I feel his attack was justified lol.

Not even gods Indra is afraid of even normal humans too,what if they become too powerful and take away heaven from him, that’s why he asked for a boon from Brahma(the creator) of getting all the benefits a person acquires when he/she chants a mantra (*with some conditions apply).

That’s the reason people experience erotic sensation during meditation or during calling a deity/spirits those are apsaras (celestial dancers of heaven) to disturb the concentration of that person(not always maybe 0.1% rest is by your friendly neighborhood yakshinis).

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Only to insult the creator is no fight.
According to my Gnosis (I got visions from Nut)
he is fallen, became human and seeks himself.

May he one day show that to play childish
games against him isn’t worth it when he returns.

Doesn’t make sense for Yahweh to be Atum. Atum is a Primordial God of Light, who was later absorbed into Ra, Yahweh started out as a minor Canaanite God. That connection makes no real sense. Atum is likened Anu if anything though clearly separate entities.

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I only thought about both being treated as creators. Yes, the history of Yahwe is an other one.

Then again all Gods are creator Gods so understandable lol, just Yahweh’s original mythology is that of a war/sky God not really a creator God by mythological standards.

Yes they are, they’re his sons I think

Shiva has limits too in my opinion but I think he’s more powerful than Lucifer

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If it was the same me as 8 months ago i would have started to argue😂 i agree he has limits even the universe has limits.

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