Back during the summer Lucifuge took me to a treasure room.

It was huge and he said it was mine to have. The treasure has been manifesting in my life in amazing ways.

And now, Lucifuge has returned to me and there are 12 treasure rooms. Each one bigger than the one before. I plan on exploring each of these treasure rooms.

The thing about walking through storms is that you have to know how to refocus your mind and keep moving forward. I asked for something to focus on and Lucifuge showed up with grand adventures.
We have been exploring the second of the twelve treasure rooms and so far it’s been amazing.

Lucifuge is a great friend, if he is indeed your friend.

If he’s not your friend. Sucks to be you.

With Love,


Does the blond hottie count as part of the treasure or was that Lucifige?
Asking for a freind :smiley:

Yes. I would add to this, that sometimes you have to recognise when a storm is a storm, and isn’t ‘you’. Then you know to hold yourself, and don’t get swept under thinking this is the new normal.


In my head, that’s how Lucifuge looks but with black hair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… I havent been through all twelve yet so who knows. :laughing:

Hopefully, one room is just raining hot men …to keep my sexual appetite appeased :heart_eyes:

But Lucifuge, can get on now. Hes definitely been keeping me focused on …ahem…other things :sweat_smile:


Ha! Awesome fun vid - bagsies on the cute one 2nd on the right! :joy_cat:

Oh hey, if you find that room, name it, make a sigil for it… and sell tickets? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually it reminds me of what I got when I went to Lilith as in the first sphere of the Qlipphoth the first time. Had a cutie following me around for a while after that. Less dancing, more standing around looking cool. Sadly, I wasn’t in that space at the time.

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That is a brilliant idea! :heart_eyes:


I was talking with someone today and during the conversation, I said “Lucifuge is my favorite.”
And they said, Lucifuge is your favorite?

Then I realized what I had said, and it’s true. Lucifuge is my favorite. And I thought that odd for a minute because of Azazel. But Azazel, is different. Like my trusted ever dependable sword. But Lucifuge is like that best friend that cheers you up and helps you find something to enjoy and look forward too.
Lucifuge, is amazing for so many reasons.



Seems like love in the air lol I have yet to meet him but I can’t wait to now he seems pretty chill and I can use Abit of financial help so yeah

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Lucifuge is wonderful. I know you will like him!


Yeah I wonder what offering he likes🤔

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Is it true that Lucifuge is the dark side of Lucifer?

Possibly. You could look at it that way. They are kinda like a yin yang. One dark with some light and one light with some dark.

For me Lucifuge … Is the ’ no fucks to give’ side of Lucifer in a way. I always feel carefree and have fun when I work with Lucifuge.


I’ve also heard that Lucifuge is actually Mephistopheles.

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@Empress_Arianna "Oh those humans again, what else are they gonna say " :joy::joy:


Soooo… are they the same?

No? :laughing: