Lucifuge Rofocale

Made a pact

asked for a bunch of shit, things are looking good. Immediate results

Im confused, the feeling of power feels great, I feel my heart and root welling up with energy, the dense kind, dreams are very vivid, too real. Most vivid dreams ever i don’t think you guys understand. they carry messages i don’t understand. I’ve been to purgatory where people have died, we were all wearing robes, black or maroon. mine was different everybody wanted a piece of me, but i wouldn’t let them and sang into the skies and the heavens. I live out my fantasies and know they will become my reality. I meditate in darkness, feels great. People don’t mess with me, and they respect me.

I look forward to my future with Lucifuge, and Asmodeus he’ll help me in my studies.

Theres something about darkness that links energy, i don’t understand, but it does

I’ve been outside of the earth and saw crazy shit. See saturn in my visions.

Im excited, really am for what my future holds


So after 30 years, will you surrender your body and soul to her?

True Darkness absorbs the limited light


no that is a myth


The dark matrix that light is born of…fiat lvx. In kabbalah the ain soph, no thing or no limit. RAW wrote of eris/discordia, a correspondence I find useful is the new moon, opposed to the waxing full and waning moons of Hekate or Aphrodite Athena and Hera as their individual manifestations of maiden mother and matron. The ineffable abyss, creator/destroyer…hail eris​:new_moon:the fairest…:green_apple:

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“Light” is not “born from the darkness”. It’s a form of frequency and energy. (Among the oceans of others)

Humans can’t naturally detect anything outside our light spectrum. Doesn’t mean there’s not “light” we can’t see. There is no darkness, only energy.

Black magicians really need to let go of the worshipful attitude towards “the darkness”. And it’s about time we adopt a more modern symbolism of the universe, instead of ancient Hellenistic, Mid-Eastern, or other philosophies. I know magicians have a fascination with the “knowledge of ancients”. But truth is, they were primitive and taught through legends because they had no other means.


Sry, was waxing poetic, know gnosis is ineffable, any assertion made is just an abstraction of what is not separate… No Light No Light in your bright blue eyes I never knew daylight could be so violent… Florence + The Machine, No Light No Light

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Darkness is everywhere even during the day, there is always darkness, it is never gone even during the daytime. think about it

Inside us is pure darkness, pitch black, there is no light inside of our bodies, yet the spirit, full of light is housed within that darkness inside.

When i close my eyes i don’t see colors anymore, its darker shades of black and geometric, a perfect reflection of what is outside and within, my insides are black and i absorb the darkness beyond me

Lucifuge is by my side even in daylight

I’ve heard that lucifuge has a fire aspect, don’t know where i read that but apparently he does, when asked he said yes and showed himself as aku


That…is inaccurate. Our cells produce what is called biophotonic light. Biophotons are light particles produced by biological systems. They are generated within our bodies and constantly radiate from its surface. Humans literally glow with visible light. It’s simply not intense enough to reach the point where our eyes are sensitive enough to pick it up.


True, but a wet blanket of a response…:rofl::selfie:

get your nerdy ass a scope and stick it inside your body, its pitch black bro to the naked eye. While on that scale it may be true, the way your skin wraps around your body traps light, pitch black Im a biology major i get it, that biophotonic light is lit up in darkness


We deal in the occult, my friend. We always tell beginners that just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there, so even if the inside of the body might look pitch black, it’s not, just like the “empty” vacuum of outer space isn’t really empty, it’s full of microscopic particles of dust and seething vortexes of radiation and radio waves.

As a biology major, you know biophotonic light is emitted by the surface of our skin, and is not trapped inside the body, so i’m not sure what you mean by this.

Yes, biophotonic light would light up the darkness so its presence would mean it’s not really “pitch” black.

Your original comment was that it is pure darkness inside of us, but the presence of biophotonic light, even if our eyes cannot detect it, means that isn’t true. That’s all I meant. Didn’t mean to be a wet blanket :joy:

It’s all good, man. I appreciate the convo :slight_smile:


You know Norse Mythology, Ragnarok?

They talk of the gods fighting Outer Darkness…

Who said the gods are right and Darkness wrong…

If you notice, Loki, who is Smart and a Talented Magician is with the Darkness…

Just my five cents…


So much to unpack here, there is another world/dimension in Saturn, its like its own entity, stories never told, events unfolding past and future, wonder and desire its all there.

there are so many things that happened that i cannot explain, i remember desiring to go to the beach, and there i was, a beach manifested but i could not move, my astral body was not solidified yet, i began running as my body starts unfolding but it was difficult, then somebody grabbed hold of me. It was Lucifuge, he supported my whole body in the air as we flew above the waves, I was honestly caught up in the feeling of it being gay just the way he was so close, but he was really supportive, a side i never thought i’d see.

I fully experienced Lucifuge Rofocale, he manifested as the darkest cloud/mist with someone I recognized standing beside me. His energy felt very, calm, yet very powerful. a mix between Belial and Azazel not as intense/primal as Belial, but dark, and not as electrifying as azazel, very calm and masculine. I felt like he was also a mix between cloud and sephiroth from final fantasy.

as I was looking over the waters when I found a gorgeous woman, it was a mermaid, this caught me off guard, and I heard Lucifuge yell for the first time, it was loud like close to screaming but very soft and quiet, “GO GET HER” she looked at me and went back in the waters and I dove in for her, but right when I went in she transformed into to something grotesque and angrey.

She was lashing out at me and apparently Lucifuge told me my arm got stuck with hers. keep in mind this is all happening real-time. I break free from her arm and I go the other way, and then she transforms back into her super hot, gorgeous sexy form. she was really something else. I told her i don’t mind or care about her lashing out at me, then something happened. Just her looking at me and me looking at her captivated my heart and the words I love you came out. Like my heart just activated it felt like i was in love and i had to say those words.

Man what the fuck bro. I believe she was displeased almost disgusted with my response, and she said that i shouldn’t be saying things along those lines and felt the disparity then. what a feeling, the feeling that i could just feel up a mermaid just because she was there, and her interest in me.

I’m heartbroken, I woke up and could STILL feel my heart light up. first time ever. first time I just regret not getting into it with a mermaid, its eating away at my heart. I could’ve gotten it, i could’ve gotten it with a hottie from another planet. mermaids are something else

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I met my twin, Im a gemini so apparently im searching for my twin for all of my life, in the real world for someone similar, always searching.

and in saturn, he was there my twin was close to me but lucifuge was closer, he looked cool, looked good, but lucifuge blocked him from reuniting with me.

saturn is the craziest

one thing thats important to note that this happened during the first cycle of my sleep, not even two hours in, keep that in mind.

i was meditating and went to lie down after nodding off a few times, and what felt like not even 5 minutes i move into the dreamworld, I bunch off noneventful things happened until i was on my computer. I was just coding and my mom was in the other room then next thing i know im in some deep possession, my mom is in the next room so that worries me that shell find out, but in my mind i made a pact with something.

this possession was dark and i was seeing other worlds and some very, very scary things. it was a little too much to handle, but to be honest i cannot remember a thing, not a damn thing and there was some very important things that went down.

It ended, with me imagining a dark tornado in my minds eye coming down from the sky and me going up it and meeting lucifuge above i was about to fall, but i grab onto his feet, they were crows feet or like an eagle definitely, huge ass bird feet, and his body was that of a grim reaper.

next thing i know we’re in a game world and i almost died and i just wont get into the rest because im really tired

this happened not even an hour into sleep, full-blown and vivid visuals

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Yoo HMU lucifuge offered to make a pact with me wanted to know how u went about it

May I ask, what did you offer to Lucifuge in the pact? I did a pact at the beginning of the year with him, and while I had a couple of minor results in the first few months, it stopped working.


You need to do your end. Sometimes people think like “oh yeah, pacts with demons I can sit on my ass and forget about it.” Lots of people have problems with “Mindset”

Mindset WTF does that mean. It means basically you have thoughts in your head that prevent you from acting on what you need to do to make whatever it is you have pacted for happen, because you keep doing things that prevent it from working.

Now, this isn’t really your fault, your problem is you have no idea what to do or what needs to change in your life, well, I mean in your personality and how you interact with the world.

The good news is your personality can be scrapped and thrown in the garbage can if you no longer serves you. The bad news is you probably have no idea what the new one needs to be. Mindset coaching can help you with this.


Well that IS an interesting premise (that you can scrap your personality). Maybe you can tell how it worked for you or are you just suggesting without any experience with it?