Lucifuge Rofocale - Book of Pacts

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I was watching E.A. Koetting’s mastering evocation course and I had a spontaneous manifestation of a spirit without me consciously calling them. Lucifuge Rofocale manifested in front of me very suddenly in this instance. I was watching the section about making pacts and when Eric called him forth I heard very distinctly in my head “It is your turn”.

After this a body began to form in front of me. My head started to hurt I could see his visage in front of me. I could sense a dark figure with with no features and 3 horns, a staff in his right hand with some sort of shining object on top. His right hand held what I perceived to be a caduceus, a third hand jutted out of his chest and he said “I want you to look through this”. It appeared to be a book which compiled all the pacts that anyone has ever made with him EVER. It went from very mundane things you could name like money, fame etc. It started to go to things that made sense, but I haven’t thought about before like time. Then it started stretching to sh*t I still don’t understand like pacts with planets and forms of travel I don’t get.

After he got don’t letting me flip through the pages I asked what was the point of this? I saw about 6 or 7 pages light up and begin floating in front of me. He then said “take that which is relevant to you and your situation”. I’m not getting into that because that’s personal for me at the moment.

I wanted to know if he has shown this book to anyone else before and what was their experience with it.

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This is interesting ive been seeing Lucifuge with a book flipping through it like hes deep in thought like a book keeper going through records or something. And i was just gonna make a post about if anyone else had seen Lucifuge with a book. Hes really studying through it hard.

This was interesting. Thanks for confirming something ive been seeing.

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that’s neat :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing that with me. I appreciate it

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