Lucifers words

Stick with (entry redacted) i have taught you enough.

I have a certain path that i feel at home with, but i have decided to call forth lucifer. The entry redacted portion is my path. Has anyone had lucifer tell them that he has taught you enough?


No, because I always seek for more. There is no end to knowledge and power. So he probably means that you need to advance at some other aspect first before you’re ready for more.


Yes. But this is tricky because when spirits talk to you, they utilize your memory, and your knowledge. They recombine things in your mind into a combination you don’t know. So you have some experiences, and came to a certain conclusion, a spirit might come along, and show you alternative sides of your experiences and a different conclusion you’ve not known about. Just a basic example.

So here’s the problem, Lucifer cannot tell you words that you don’t know because they’re not in your mind. He uses whatever material you have in order to communicate with you. When he speaks to you, it’s not “his” voice, but rather information which your brain decodes.

What you can do is study more, gain more knowledge, THEN ask Lucifer to confirm whether or not that’s true or to show you an alternative perspective. From there, he’ll give you other techniques, ideas, and insights.

Remember, when a spirit is talking to you, they are depending on your base of knowledge.

This is not what most people believe, I think, but it’s the most accurate conclusion for me and a few other people because of the experiments we performed. Does that mean we’re 100% correct? No, but I do think this is at least slightly more accurate than the traditional model of spirit having a memory of its own, that it’s omniscient, and so on.

You can always ask a spirit to give you somebody’s phone number or some internet stranger’s real name. It won’t succeed.

I apologize if I sound arrogant, I just want you to know why you should not stop working with Lucifer, despite what he has said.