Lucifers take on the mind of man

Lucifer talks about the mentality and mind of mankind.

" The mind of man is a jungle of dangerous predators, often the predator becomes the prey due to the environment. The human mentality of your generation is toxic and needs to be drained of the noxious toxins.

When a great mind steps out of the box, that society and worldly religions created, they undergo a process of revelation and true awakening.

But when this genus, reveals to the world his findings he is given labels like, insane, delusional, schizophrenic, paranoid.

The mind is dangerous, but it is amazing in its sense, the mind of a magician is open and is a transmitter to receive revelation and wonder.

But your subconscious mind, has a dark tunnel, a rabbit hole within your psyche, it’s empty and dark, completely cold and dead.

This is the heart, don’t confuse it for the organ, it’s the psyche of the heart, the magicians heart is cold and empty because no matter how much they achieve or take, it will never fill the heart.

The mind of man, is a paradox in itself, it can be a weapon, a tool, even a cage.

But the mind is so much more, the mind isn’t your physical brain, when you access all of your mind you access all of existence.

Stimulate your mind, for knowledge is good for the soul, but it is also the light, within the dark psyche, enlightenment whether dark or light is still a achievement your race needs to achieve.

Then your human evolution will excel far beyond what you conceive possible ".



Aha I like that