Lucifer's sigil

Does anyone know where I could find a reliable sigil for Lucifer?

Here you go.

In the future, use Google.

That’s Satan’s sigil

No. This is Lucifer’s sigil, as given in the Grimorium Verum. You can use it to call Satan as well, seeing as Satan is an aspect of Lucifer, but this is actually Lucy’s sigil.

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I thought Lucifer and Satan were two different entities,but I’ll give it a shot.Thanks

GV has two sigils for Lucifer, one for Europe and one for Asia.

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Is it so hard to figure out ? i just make this question because those ones you ask yourselves make no sense to me, that is why i ask this, well i can say it is a wonderful world out there for those who start to see and it might be a lot to grasp but, those kind of things i thought they were easy do discern, because for me they are O_O I can only add to this Post, if you really want to contact Lucifer, we will come to you and you need no sigil. There are other ways.

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You know you don’t need to be a dick about this and try and make me look like a dumbass.I’m just starting out in the occult and am trying to make some kind of contact.If this shit comes easy to you how about sharing your knowledge instead of putting down people looking for help.

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Musta, the best occult advice I can give to you is to ignore Sunas.

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Believe me I already have.This is suppise to be a forum where people like us come together to help each other out.There are not many like us so we should use this to our advantage instead of proclaiming that we are the all knowing omnipotent ones,and let the ego go.Like I said I’m pretty new to this and am open to ALL advice,and I as well will give advice if I feel I have knowledge to be given.


I gave you advice, you don’t need a sigil to do what you want, it might be helpful yes, but you don’t really need one. I know you are young in this, but so am i…that is why i wrote that because… it was not because of you Musta, you’re okay…doing questions to learn :wink: But its because i see a lot of people with a lot of questions that dont make sense at all to me =| and i find that to be very very strange…but see…most people here ignore me…you should do the same :wink:
I only have bad advices and i know nothing about magic! See… i am troll, a liar, humm…a slut…whatever more you can think of that isn’t good.
But i do know, you don’t need a sigil to call out Lucifer. Or Satan, or . .
IT just helps a lot…and to find the right sigil is complicated.
A Sigil is something you yourself can make.
I’ve seen so many sigils for the same entity and. . people telling me…ho that is for you to evoke that entity with that side of it…bla bla bla…
See i don’t get to think like that =/
Example…an entity has 40 different names, the most known ones…
there will be 40 sigils for it ? So that you can call every different aspect of this entity ? lol i find that funny…
The different aspects of most entities, from what i am aware of, come as they wish, depending on who they are visiting, why, when and where.
One sigil does not call out only one aspect of one entity, i call out Lilith through one of her many sigils and i get her fully. All the different aspects/sides of her.
ITs like… getting the sigil for Lykania to evoke Hecate…do you think that if you use Lykania sigil and you evoke that entity…that face of Hecate will come to you ?
Hecate will come to you
You just have to figure out which face is she using

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Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Is this Lucifer’s enn?

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“Air, Protect us. The sky that surround us. Lúcifer”

Ave LĂşcifer.

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